brother sage

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Raw. What an honor to be meeting all you today. Sage’s journey in living foods goes back to 1979 with a raw foods community in Texas. Our mentors were Vik and Dr Ann, Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, and Arnold Erhart( to name a few). Now today many more are embracing living foods. Rawsome. It has been great that many are seeking Brother Sage’s counsel in Mastering Live Foods Lifestyle and Your Way of Being on the planet. You can read about Sage’s life’s work at Lets spread the word of ONENESS to all People( there is only one on earth) and lift us all ever higher right NOW!!

You’re Worth it ! Brother Sage


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Brother sage, I just came back from a 9 day spiritual purification with Leonard Orr in Sierraville.I see on your website that you know him too. Nice to meet you here and welcome to gone raw! Live Life Forever!

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