How to talk about being raw?

I don’t want to alienate anyone with my eating habits, but I don’t want to feel like I keep it a secret either. My sister has been vegan for years and my mother is part of a food program that requires her to measure and weigh pre-approved food at every meal. I know my family will be flexible with my food needs, and as accommodating as they know how to be. Still, I don’t want my raw diet to come across to my friends and family like a chore or some freaky ritual thing.

Any suggestions for how to talk about it with people in a positive and affirming way? What do you say when you have non-raw company over to eat and they want you to try their food? What do you do if people start treating it like you have some special ‘condition’?

Just looking for some ideas and support. Thanks in advance!


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I’m pretty careful on this one. I also don’t want my food to become something that alienates my friends and family. I have exceptions for situations that are unavoidable. If someone wants me to try something cooked I usually will try it unless it involves sugar(it gives me terrible headaches) and I just say I have an allergy to it. I guess for the things you really really don’t want to eat just say you’re allergic and the rest just either take a taste and if you can, say you’re not hungry in a nice way.

    My family is very supportive and most of my friends are too but there are plenty of people who aren’t. So I am just careful not to offend.

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I agree with troubles! My family took a while to warm up to my change to cooked vegan, so these last few months as raw vegan haven’t gone down too well. I’m now practicing 80/10/10, but I haven’t even mentioned it to my parents. They’ll notice that I’m eating mostly fruit if they want to.

    The problem with raw is that non-raw people can’t understand that everything tastes wonderful and makes you feel great. They’re stuck on all their food addictions (sugar, caffeine, starches, etc.), and so they view raw as being incredibly restrictive. To them, sliced mango could never take the place of chocolate cake.

    I feel like the best method is to show, rather than tell. Let them notice your fabulous energy and gorgeous skin, and ask questions. Then you can tell them about your diet. As far as my friends go, I’ve told them that I want to stay raw as much as possible, but I have no problem eating something cooked vegan every now and then for special occasions. They completely understand, and expect me to show up with my vegan organic wine if we’re planning on having drinks.

    The worst things, in my personal experience, that you can do are A) get all preachy about raw food, and B) worry about social situations, or what other people will think. Worrying tends to cancel out a lot of the benefits of being raw! Good luck!

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