Bumble Bee Sting Help

I can’t believe this happened but tonight I was picking grapes at the Winery… Was nearly finished, had been in bees and wasps like you wouldn’t believe… They were doing their thing and I was gently doing mine… No problems until a huge bumble sat down on the back of my gloved hand… I really think he got caught in the fabric, it is stretchy on the back but has a slick film over the fingers and palm… I tried to get him off and no luck, again I tried and then he let me have it… He filled my hand with all his indignation!!! Amazing such a small creature can provide so much pain!!!

Now hours later my hand is red and swollen, especially the knuckle that seperates my index finger from my hand…

The queation is… Other than benadryl and ice, is there something more natural, you would recommend… I thought about a soda paste but thought it was too late… Let me know if not, or any another solution…

All help appreciated!!!


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    There is a hemp salve made by Merry Hempsters that is for cuts and stings. Other than that if you have MSM lotion I would try that. It work great on my cuts so I wouldnt see why it would work on bee sting too.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    do you have any aloe, that would be soothing. Also, a paste made from coconut oil, crushed garlic, honey, pinch cayenne.

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    My mom always swore by Adolph’s meat tenderizer(I guess most brands would do). Mix with water and make a paste, it draws out the sting. She got this trick from a Dr.(YEARS ago).

    Not that many on here might have meat tenderizer, but it’s something I think about the mix of salt and spices that does it(and cheap to buy). In my mom’s house it is in the first aid kit and not the kitchen!

  • Thanks everone!!! You each have been so helpful!!!

    Sweetpea~ I had all your ingredients and the paste must have helped as my hand is much better today… Most of the swelling and reddness is gone…

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