Why is freezing okay?

I don’t think a lot of fruits and veggies can really stay alive after a frost. So, why do so many raw recipes call for frozen fruits or freezing after assembly (esp. desserts). I would love to buy it, but I think freezing kills the food just like heating past 110 F does.

Any thoughts?


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    There is only some denaturization of enzymes. On average 5% nutrition is lost when you freeze.


    See this topic: http://goneraw.com/forums/2/topics/6492

    BTW, you can’t kill enzymes.

  • Hi WailingWoman

    Freezing food does cause some loss of nutrition. However, it is not so damaging as heating food which denatures enzymes in the food. That being said, I wouldn’t eat any food which I haven’t frozen myself. You can never know what been done to packaged frozen food, including those labeled “natural” or organic.

    If you’re looking for some good dessert recipes that don’t require freezing, check out the website I started with my brother, * Roshi’s Raw Lifestyle * . All the recipes are really simple and cheap to make and we also put some other entries up about healthy living and food politics.

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