Finding raw in unexpected places

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

I posted about this in an earlier thread, but it was so fun that I just had to post again…

I was at a trunk show at a clothing store this weekend and they were serving raw chocolate to everyone who walked in and talking up living foods. This isn’t a place that is known in any way to be into raw foods and it was just such a treat to enjoy delicious chocolate in an unexpected place!!!

Yay raw!


  • How fun! My most enjoyable surprise was a few months ago when I first began going to a group that had mostly raw and mostly green foods among the healthy cooked items during the fellowship meal portion of the meetings.

    The typical group like this – church, messianic, etc. is usually a hamburger, potato salad/chips, MSG-laced prepackaged selection when it comes to sharing a meal or picnic. That has been an annoying thing for me for years – to attend groups that hold such a high regard to spiritual and/or mental enrichment while horking down really, really, REALLY bad “food”. I was so pleased to begin commenting on the selections and speaking about raw and the facilitator of the group knew exactly what I was talking about and began discussing green smoothies and everything with me! Everyone else was excited, familiar on different levels with whole and raw foods, and wanted to talk more about it. I am so happy!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Yeah that is cool about the raw chocolate. Sure beats boxed SAD cookies or chips. Maybe (hopefully) raw goodies will be found at main-stream events more often. :)

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