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It is finally here - Raw Coffee!

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

Ok, guys don’t flip out! But apparently there is now a real raw coffee product that you can buy!

My bf got this link from one of his online groups. I haven’t read through the whole web site but apparently it is the coffee berry(or fruit) and the coffee bean raw and you can make a raw coffee product with it. They don’t say much about the taste but my guess is that it is not going to taste like regular roasted coffee since the product is not roasted.

I am not sure if it is low-temp dried or freezed- dried or what but it is unroasted. If anyone figures out whether it is truely raw, post here!

(bad part it is expensive: 30$ a POUND – of course it would be though – people will probably pay for this stuff.)


Edit: I guess you can’t order it from that website above but here you can apparently get it: http://www.abundancehealth.com/Item4277.aspx


  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    i bought some raw green coffee beans in town after hearing they were one of the top 10 superfoods, and i will be beggered if i can find any information on how to use them. the only thing ive seen is sujestions on how to roast them that kind of defeats the object hehe.

    tried chewing one and narrowly avoided dental damage. grrrr they look so tempting too :)

  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    I saw some raw green coffee beans on Amazon.com, and was considering buying them… way cheaper than $30/lb… these were more like $8/lb.

    I’ve read here that someone soaked the green coffee beans and sprouted them. Then ground them up and made a cold pressed coffee.

    if you try, let us know how it turns out, since I’d love to find a raw coffee that’s good. :)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    We might buy a bag of the coffeeberry to see. For me, even though I used to be a big coffee addict, 30$ a pound isn’t really worth it for a daily addiction. But I would be willing to try some as a treat. Apparently they have higher nutritional value than goji berries so it is worth looking into.

    I saw a show on coffee once on one of the those channels like the Discovery Channel and apparently, coffee beans were not always consumed roasted. I think it was in South America that they would just ground them and brew it like tea. I am sure it didn’t taste the same as the roasted coffee today but apparantly was very strong. I am sure you could sun brew too.

  • oooh, this post caught my eye, ha ha. . . But $30, omg that is so very expensive!! Hopefully if it grows in popularity it will slowly reduce in price.

    Thanks for passing this great new product along :)

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    k ive put some on to soak, any idea how i would go about cold pressing them once sprouted? :P

  • I don’t know if I would soak them very long, and I wouldn’t sprout them. I would try to dehydrate them until they are nice and dry and crunchy, then grind them coarse and soak them for 24 hours, then filter and enjoy. That’s how we used to make a cold “toddy” when I owned a cafe (but we used roasted beans, of course).

    The taste we enjoy from coffee comes from the oils. Those flavors come out during roasting. When sprouting, seeds and nuts undergo an alchemical transformation that renders them almost completely free of fat (notice how sprouts are almost nonfat and the nuts and seeds they originally were are quite fatty?).

    Tell us how they turn out. Ciao.

  • I just saw that the CoffeeBerry comes as a powder or concentrated extract, not whole bean.

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    I will be following this topic.

    I wouldn’t drink it (no caff) but it would be fun to “watch” someone else do it ala science.

    Take photos!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    ill be sure to take a picture of the toxic brew dont you worry ungrateful ;)

    Mr Mickmaster, I love the pictures, specially the bare botty one, made i larf! the renovations are fab, the damage done to the surounding wildlife after the fire is gutting isnt it, always blindsides me when nature suffers like that. btw you look exactly like phil daniels, if you dont know who he is i make it your challenge to find out ;)

    k so ive soaked these suckers overnight, the liquid smells like lettuce sap, they still seem quite oily. i may split them up and try a variety of methods, pulverise and soak, maybe blend with water and soak then strain…...all i knows is my nose is telling me its going to be a challenge, i want you all to know that if it bumps me off and i never return its been a blast…..wish me luck ;)

  • Ha ha! Dodo you’re funny. I don’t look like Phil Daniels, he looks like me…but I’ll check it out. ciao.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    i dont know what word to use to sum this up but blar, ugh, groooooh and uuuugh seem appropriate. i tried the blender, which bruised them slightly, but didnt scar, but the liquid went quite brown, smells reminiscent of coffee, tastes reminisent of poo and lettuce, added agave syrup which made it swallowable but far from enjoyable, so im going to tart it up with some fruity stuff in the morning, and see what happens. its been a while chaps, this caffine rush could be scarey! :P

    MMM…(Mr Mickmaster), yeah i know, its a gift ;). and if he looks like you rather than the other way round that makes you the original AND older model, is that what youre sayin? :P

  • Uh, Maybe not. Although I am an original, I would like to think.

    Sorry your crappy, er, coffee didn’t turn out. I think if you dehydrate the briefly soaked beans, you will get the closest approximation to roasting. They should be crunchy dry, completely bone dry.

    You said “poo” and “tart”. Ciao.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    and you said poo and tart too :P

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    and crappy!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    no sorry no matter which way i try these coffee beans its revolting, and if my stomach quearies why im eating something i should too. i havent actually missed coffee at all in the 5 weeks since i stopped so why chase it huh?. i do still drink tea tho (shame faced) :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    has anyone been to a raw cafe where they do cold pressed raw coffee? There’s one in Edinburgh that does it, and I thing Cafe Gratitude does it, and Juliano’s. What it it like?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie


    Cafe Gratitudes and Julianos coffees are not raw unfortunately. Even though they sort of advertise them as being raw – I have heard from people who have worked at these places that they are not.

    Better to do yourself at home. I am sure you can get the raw coffee beans and grind and brew like a tea. I would try it like a sun tea if you want to not use any boiled water.

  • Folks, it ain’t gonna work. There is no mechanism to release the oils, which is where all the flavor is. It would be like trying to brew pistachios into a beverage.

    In the name of all that’s raw, someone’s gotta dehydrate them completely, then coarse grind, soak 24 hours, then filter. At least 4 times as much water as grounds. That’s the closest you’re gonna get, and there’s no guarantee it will be good.

    Those cold brew coffees are called toddies in the coffee world. The beans were still roasted beforehand, though.

    And dodo, I didn’t say crappy. Oops.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    MMM maybe we could open a raw coffee shop called crappy cafe, its a thought ;)

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    off topic…..MMM specialising in “craptastic” coffee ;). the Braunschweiger tshirts a bit of a mind teaser tho, not very vegan, unless you have a vegan raw version you have kept hidden away :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    We saw that online some weeks back too. My mom drinks a lot of coffee but she has lowered her intake a lot.

    I was thinking, if we wanted to make a raw coffee out of beans, we would have to mill them into powder and somehow blend it up with almost-hot water and maybe almond milk? And then strain out the grounds that didn’t blend? That might work, but it depends whether raw coffee beans will break in the average coffee grinder (how hard are they?) :)

    I also found out on a website a few weeks ago that coffee beans, in they’re raw state, are the most antioxidant-rich food in the world. They are similar to cacao beans in that they have the “caffeine” effect, but very very healthy. Apparently raw coffee is just a more-nutrient and antioxidant-rich version of raw cacao. Still might be cool to try.

    My mom has a cappuccino maker that probably would cook raw coffee beans if we used them, so a special method of raw brewing would be needed. Or maybe juice them and mix the juice with water and almond milk. If they’re soft enough not to damage a juicer one might wanna give it a try.

  • dodo…I’ve been out of the loop for a few days working out of town…yea, the Braunschweiger is just a fun word. Good thing for the animals is that not that many people actually eat it. Maybe I should invent the raw vegan version, which would be to grind up a bunch of stuff into a mush and add the spices in B’schweiger, whatever they are.

    I’m not gonna spend too much time on it, though.

    Ah, craptastic. You’ve been looking at my shirts. Now if I could only sell one….Did you see the vegan ones with quotes from Einstein and others? Not a lot of people know that Einstein was veggie (same with DaVinci – are you seeing a trend here?).

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    ah but hitler was a veggie too, and an artist, we assume he just got really pissed off when he couldnt paint the clouds right and as he was opposed to killing animals decided to destroy everybody instead, because he was a FH! ;)

    I do think thought that in general moral (as opposed to health/vanity/trend) vegans have a greater awareness of others, the world around them and their fellow creatures, so do tend to be in general (but not always) nicer people.

    I myself have known a few moral vegans who were less than congenial, in fact down right nasty some of them, but that doesnt mean that the IQ is lower, maybe they just have the hitler frustration streak. I do believe that clearing your body and brain of all the chemicals, poisons, and trash that ends up entering it one way or another, actually hightens your awareness and dare i say it intelligence, true most of us then dull down this extra intelligance voluntarily via certain herbs, but we then become passive through choice and not hidden force.

    your tee shirts are brilliant btw, and the fact you offer about 30 differnt style of teeshirt is amazing, i love the destroyed one, must be the rebel in me but i figure if its pristine you spend your time trying to preserve that,as soon as its messed up slightly you can go wild again and the clothes become comfortable instead of packaging.

    my favourite quote is voltaire, we are all guilty of the good we didnt do.

    I think the b’schweiger is prob disgusting in the fleisch version and not something we really want to emulate now is it

    whats your plans for the weekend sir?

  • I understand that Hitler was NOT vegetarian (and this is important because, twisted logic that it is, it is used against vegans and veggies all the time). We’ve got to end this persistent rumor. Hitler’s favorite foods were pate and something like duck livers, and he ate ham all the time or something. I’ll find out for sure and get back to you.

    I know, I’m mostly kidding about the veg b’schw. I don’t even want to type it any more.

    I started out veggie years ago for health reasons myself, but in the course of learning more about the lifestyle I chose, I tended more and more to the ethical and environment reasons, which is why I switched to vegan (and raw at that) a few years ago. It is true that my mood is so much better than all the years I was dairitarian (I just invented that this morn) and ate processed soy phony meats. All the crap (there I go again) in those phony meats and way too much estrogenic compounds. I mean, I was eating phony bfast sausage, and soy protein bars and drinks and for snacks, and dinner. I was an emotional wreck, and I thought I was being healthier than everyone (well, in some ways I was, but not completely).

    Then raw. BAM! WOW! This is it.

    I just wish I did it years ago.

    I’m back to my little Europeanlike hamlet in the mountains of S. Arizona. I was in Tucson renovating a place. Now my dogs and I can relax a little.

    Just back from the farmer’s market and got some winter stuff to plant and a few pounds of apples at $1/lb. Good stuff. Gonna read, water the tomatoes and peppers, chill out with the pooches.

    dodo, you can email me at mickmastor@hotmail.com and tell me what you and the hubby are up to this weekend. That way we can say “crap” back and forth without risking the scorn of the moderators. I enjoy chatting with ya.

    Your words are kind and your photos are great. I like the titles you chose. CiaoCiao

  • Has anyone heard of capulin coffee? It is processed in a way that the essential oils are kept intact, not raw, but much easier on the system for the people who have a tough time giving it up completely. It seems like Tucson AZ is the only place where it is served, but you can order it. Not too much more expensive...

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