a head-smackin' AHA moment

jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

I just had to share this because I’m totally chuckling at myself right now…

I have kind of a wild yard, with fir trees and a couple redwoods, lots of ivy and ferns, and many things that were planted years and years ago and pretty much fend for themselves. Never been really into the whole “sculptured” landscape thing – and yardwork isn’t my favorite thing, either! ;o) So anyway I have this clump of mint by the front porch and this morning I decided to use some of it. I made sun tea! So simple and easy, and yet I’d never even thought of it before. I’m enjoying a nice, tall glass right now, sweetened with raw honey.

It just cracks me up that I’ve been looking at that mint for like five years and never thought of it as something I could eat, or drink in this case. I’m finding that the longer I’m raw the more appealing and attractive green things in the wild are. Hmmmm… fern salad? Haha!


  • thats really cool! I just read that hybiscus is really good for hart problems and thought of all the older people in fla who are living amongst it- and would never think of using them in a tea! Also dandi lion for liver problems! You could make a mint julep- just add “creme” cashews!

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