Anyone else know about the Essenes?

I discovered raw foodism by reading the Essene Gospel of Peace, in which ‘Jesus’ (in quotes because I have no idea of the source or validity of these writings) prescribes to all of the sick and miserable 7 days of fasting with daily enemas, sun bathing and washing in clean river water, all followed by a permanent raw whole foods diet. There are other things involved, too, like only eating twice a day, stopping when you’re 2/3 full, sleeping soon after sunset and waking at dawn, etc. It gets pretty gruesome describing some of the detox symptoms and expulsion of parasites, etc. But, it fascinated me because it seemed so tremendously spot-on when it came to health advice. I saw too many correlations to modern microbiological and nutritional discoveries to ignore it, and it gave me pause.

I thought it was worth a try to get rid of my chronic fatigue, plaguing depression and spiritual angst. After about 3 weeks, I’m far healthier (I didn’t do the fast – yet – just the raw part), but I’m wondering if anyone else in these forums has come to raw foodism through Essene philosophy…


  • I’ve only read part of the first book so far, but I found it awesome and fascinating… and to think how amazingly accurate and “pure” it is. And the fact that these people knew and practiced such a peaceful way of living is just so incredibly awe-inspiring to me. And humbling. So many Ancient Cultures realized so much more than we have ever forgotten. So much wisdom. I did do just a little bit of internet research on the books and the man who translated it and there is heated controversy that he never really did find it in the church/Vatican library as he claimed, and that he must have made it up himself, so I don’t know… but it sure is spot on and resonated tremendously with me… and I trust my intuition. :) I especially love how Mother Earth and the feminine is so highly respected in it, too!

    I had started raw before I ran across it, but it did inspire me to make the raw Essene Bread in the manner described and loved it.

    I need to go finish it and read the next two books… :)

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    I don’t know any more than you do, but I did come to raw through the Essenes because I learned about raw at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. Their holistic program is based on the Essene Gospel.

  • No, I was not inspired by the Gospel of Peace to go raw but I am familiar with the text. It was published in the early 1800’s by a man that supposable translated it from a secret Vatican document in Northern Europe. I see no validity in it whatsoever as a genuine ancient writing and I do know that raw-foodism was known in Europe at this time. I do believe that the Bible has had 3,000 years of history and has been scrutinized by the best of scholars for at least 2,000 years. To me the Gospel of Peace is a fraudulent document and if I were looking for the truth of God’s revelation about anything to man, that would not be the place.

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