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Master Cleanse?

I’ve seen a few people mention it, and I would really like to do some sort of detox/and/or colon cleanse. What is the master cleanse?

edit-and what did it do for you/how well did it work for those who have tried it?



  • I can’t stress enough that if you do this, make sure you read the book. There is more to it than just the lemonade drink (salt water flush, laxative tea), and there are a lot of websites out there providing false information, and false recipes for the drink. It’s very easy to do it wrong and be unsatisfied. Read the book!!!!

  • Kathy Kath, thanks for letting me know that one is off, i just used it as an example (obviously a bad one), my friends actually used the book and did it proper, i guess its always just a matter of opinion, it works for some and doesn’t for others :) peace

  • Thanks for the info KathyKath! I am not interested in it to lose weight at all! I am 5’2” and weigh 120 pounds. I could stand to lose 5 more pounds or so, but I’m almost concerned about losing too much weight! Does the diet actually consist of lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper? Yesterday I was at work and a woman came through my checkout buying those exact things and said she was doing a cleanse! Do I have to buy things besides that to do the cleanse? If so, where can I get them? I will definitely read the book!

  • tatiana-what cleanse did you do that worked so well, and where can I get more info on it?

  • Quiora, i did cleanse with Bio Cell/Bio Wheatgrass packets, cant find the website now, but will call my friend tomorrow and send u exact link. However I’m going to do Jubb’s Lifefood cleanse with liver/gallbladder flushes in a few weeks, which I got a great feedback on, and it looks a bit more complete then the one i did. I was camping for a week of my fast though, so there was no temptation, and the combination of fresh air, hikes and shakes(which were very filling) worked out great for me, since i was not allowed any snacks. But the one I’m going on now actually allows some fruits, so i think it is more convenient for the city life.

  • tatiana I definitely agree, it’s not for everyone!

    Quiora Yes, lemon juice, organic grade b maple syrup, and cayenne pepper are the ingredients for the lemonade. There is also a laxative tea that you are supposed to drink at night, and each morning starts with a quart of salt water (it’s pretty gross, but does amazing things for cleansing!) I got all of my ingredients at Whole Foods, but most health food stores carry everything. As far as weight loss goes, you will probably lose more than 5 pounds, but you will also more than likely gain some of the weight back. I lost about 11 or 12 pounds overall, and gained back maybe 5 or 6. I’ve done two cleanses, and after my first one I went back to a normal diet, and I gained back all of the weight plus a few pounds. After the second cleanse was when I transitioned to raw, and I found it was much easier to maintain my weight that way. I think weight is very balanced after a cleanse. You will initially lose a lot, but once you get back into a normal routine your weight should end up where it’s supposed to be. That’s my opinion, anyway! Also, the MC cleanses everything, so it is good for the colon, gall bladder, liver, etc. It’s really great. I’m doing another one in October and I can’t wait!

  • I’ve been looking into it tonight and the MC sounds like something I’d like to do. I can get the book from my local library and the cayenne, lemons, and maple syrup at Trader Joe’s where I work. The only thing I’m concerned about is the laxative tea. Since that’s all I would need, I don’t really want to order from the website when I can get everything much cheaper here. It also mentions an herbal mint tea? Any idea where I can get the two teas and what kind they are? Thanks so much for all your help!

  • I also don’t think the salt water will be a problem for me. I actually enjoy the taste of it! lol, I know I’m crazy. When I was a kid and my mom would give me salt water to gargle for a sore throat or cancar sore, she had to make sure I didn’t just drink it.

  • Oh, and one more question, is the lemonade mixed with water at all or is it really just the three ingredients? It seems like it would be really strong! Also, can you drink plain water at all during the cleanse, or just the lemonade?

  • I’m actually on day 4 of my third Master Cleanse….and I agree that it’s a fantastic thing!

    To answer your questions, yes—-you mix the lemon mixture with water. The 2 TBs each of lemon juice and syrup will be mixed with about 8 oz of water.

    Drink as much pure water as you can, in addition to the lemonade—it helps flush all the toxins out that have been mobilized by the lemon mixture.

    Just as a tip, I despise the taste of the drink with the cayenne added so I take the cayenne straight with water befre drinking each glass of lemon mixture. Works like a charm. (You can either take in a shot of water, or put the powder on the back of your tongue and quickly wash it down with water. I find that I barely even taste the powder with the second option, whereas the first one is pretty hot.)

  • The mint tea is optional, and I never drank it. If you do want it though, just get an organic mint tea, any brand with no other ingredients should be fine. As far as the lax tea goes, I have the Yogi Get Regular, which I actually just got at the local grocery store. Another recommended brand is Smooth Move, and I have seen that at Whole Foods. I have heard that Smooth Move has a harsher taste, and I actually enjoy the taste of Get Regular so I would recommend that one!

    And yes, the mixture is with 8oz of water. Purified spring water is recommended because it’s the purest, but I just used filtered water from my refrigerator (definitely not ideal, but I liked my results!) And definitely drink plenty of water aside from the lemonade.

  • I agree with tatiana…

    I have done the master cleanse and the weight came back. I did feel a sensation of cleanliness on the inside. But eventually something began to bother me…about drinking all that maple syrup.

    So, I only did two Master Cleanses…the second one did not feel as effective as the first cleanse.

    Now, I do the “Liver/Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse”. I have done it 5 times now and completely am amazed everytime at the difference and the effect it has on my body. Love the liver cleanse…the epsom salt/water and the grapefruit/olive oil drink are so nasty!!! But Sooo Worth It!!!

    Now, I am currently preparing to do a 35+ juice feast.

    LOL and Great Health on whatever route you choose!

    Oh, here is a thread for the liver/gallbladder cleanse in case you want more information…


  • Thanks for all the advice everyone! I think I’m going to start with the Master Cleanse, but I will definitely bookmark this and possibly try some of the other cleanses suggested in the future. Right now though, I’m on hormonal birth control, but getting a non hormonal IUD soon. I think I’m going to wait until I get the IUD to do my cleanse because I can’t see the sense in cleansing my body but continuing to pump hormones into it. Anyone else have experience with this?

  • I’ve started the master cleanse today after putting it off for a few days. I’m hoping i can stick to 14 days. My system sure needs it!

  • Quiora and jussicaaah – have a wonderful cleanse. :)

    I need to start a cleanse too, I just can’t seem to get myself to do it. I’m thinking of starting between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Jewish High Holy Days. We have a big family dinner on those days, and even though it is only a 9 day fast, it seems like a good time to start spiritually speaking… and this will be my first fast longer than 1 day! I’m just used to fasting on Yom Kippur, and then breaking the fast that night. So it looks like I’m starting Oct. 1. I just need to get a book first; my library doesn’t have it. :(

  • Hello everyone. I read the book and did the master cleanse with my sister. It worked really well for her, but by the fifth day, I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. =[ I did the same exact things my sister did, but it turned out totally different for me. Does anyone know why, by chance? Thanks. =]

  • If you were sick, that was your body healing (releasing toxins). The best thing to do at that point is to drink more LA and rest. It WILL pass!

    I am about to start my 2nd MC on Monday and am excited to see if there’s a difference between my first one and 2nd one. I wasn’t raw when I did my first MC, though, was (and am) vegan. I have been 90% raw since I finished my first MC in July!

    Btw, there is a forum at the MC site: www.mastercleanser.com

    I will be posting my journal there, starting on Monday. :)

  • In my opinion, (for what it’s worth) mastercleanse is NOT good for you.

    Lemon and Cayenne? are you trying to burn your gizzards out?

    A quart of warm salt water? This cannot be good.

    You can water fast and get the same results.

    The human body cleans itself if allowed to do its job. Putting something into your body can never clean it out.

    But then, I tend toward fasting/natural hygienist thinking.

    If you would like to be trendy and throw your money away on the mastercleanse ingredients, by all means, please do, but, IMO, you can get the same results without assaulting your body with lemon, cayenne and saltwater (aren’t we taught to NEVER drink saltwater?) on a water fast.

    Now that I have alienated you all, how’s it goin?

  • Haha “Ungrateful” don’t worry, it’s good to have some devil’s advocate viewpoints.

    I myself finished a 10 day master cleanse earlier this month as a transition into a vegan lifestyle and had amazing results. I did question myself multiple times, however, if this was good for my body. I decided not to do the salt water because I couldn’t figure out how that would be good for me and instead cleansed myself each morning with a TON of water and that seemed to work for me.

    I am curious about doing just a water fast, however…sometime in the future. “Ungrateful”, maybe you could give us a little insight about that? I’m not sure if you’ve done a water fast yourself or if you were just saying that it sounds like a better idea but I’m wondering how healthy it is if your body isn’t receiving any caloric intake at all? I am open to new things and ideas but I like to learn about them a little more first.

  • Just a personal opinion here—I’m no expert and I haven’t studied much when it comes to the actual physical effects of water fasts and the Master Cleanse upon your body. All I know is how each made me feel.

    With my 7-day water fast, I was weak, nauseaus, irritable, foggy-brained and generally miserable. I threw up the water several mornings in a row and almost passed out in the shower. As I walked around campus (this was several years ago, when I was in college) I had to sit and rest continually. I didn’t feel clean, I just felt empty. When I stopped, I was so intensely hungry that I couldn’t stop eating and gained everything back within days.

    With my Master Cleanses, I experience some detox symptoms but am generally energetic, cheerful, clear-headed and “normal” feeling. I’m able to exercise lightly, and have a feeling of internal cleanliness. Yes, I am hungry after the cleanse ends but it is controllable. The weight was regained, but it was over time and as a result of returning to SAD foods.

    I will never do a water fast again—it was horrendous and I can’t see how it did me any good.

    I don’t know the details of what was going on in my body…but I know when something makes me feel better, and the Master Cleanse does.

  • The MC definitely had a very positive effect on me. My extremely painful menstrual cramps are 99% GONE after 30 years of pain.

    Also if you read the book about the MC, it’s definitely not about starving yourself. Each element in the lemonade works to help you clean out your digestive system—no burning involved.

    I will be doing my 2nd MC, starting this Monday. I am looking forward to it, even though it can be challenging at times.

  • ungrateful Each ingredient in the Master Cleanse has it’s own duty, and being as it’s only a temporary thing, it’s very hard for it to be detrimental to health. The Master Cleanse book states that the only more beneficial fast is a water fast, however it’s hard to do a water fast and be active to any degree without being completely drained. The MC is not for everyone, and if you prefer water fasting, that’s great :-) But many people have had wonderful, healthy results from the MC.

    violincyndee The website you posted above is not the official site for the MC. I posted the official one towards the top of the thread. However if the one you posted is just for journaling, then please ignore me :-) I just want to make sure that anyone who is interested in doing the cleanse has legit sources and isn’t getting phonies. You did say you read the book, though, so I’m sure it’s fine!

    I’ve done two previous Master Cleanses and I personally love it. It makes me feel lighter, healthier, happier, more clear-headed, more energized, and not to mention sets my digestion back on track wonderfully. I cannot wait to start my next one one October 6. If anyone wants to start at the same time as me so we have some support, please let me know! It’s much easier to do when there is someone holding you accountable.

  • KathyKath – I’m thinking about trying my first MC around that time; the book is on it’s way. I was originally thinking of doing it during my high holy days Oct. 1-Oct.9, since it will be a spiritual time for me anyway. But, I’m taking a half day test on Oct. 4, and I’m afraid I won’t be in the right frame of mind to take the test!

    So I might start after the test.

  • KathyKath-I would love to start with you on the 6th! But it depends on if I can get the book by then. I am going downtown (I live in Seattle, so I have to take a bus downtown and hardly ever go) on the 2nd to see a show. I was going to look for the book at the bookstores there. If I can find it I’ll let you know, and I’ll probably be able to start then, since that’s about when I was thinking anyway. My boyfriend is doing the cleanse with me, but it would be great to have some additional support!

  • Here is a lovely article about how to conduct a short waterfast at home: http://www.fastingconnection.com/Fasting-For-Be…

    “Drink nothing but purified or distilled water as and when the body dictates that you are thirsty. Do not make the mistake that many do, to drink pints and pints of water, because they are told it will flush out the toxins. That is a fallacy. Do not make the mistake of not drinking at all, because there can be a danger in dehydrating tissues. A rough guide is a pint of water a day. Sip your water a little at a time during the course of the whole day. Don’t just gulp it down in a mighty deluge”.

    That is one of my favorite websites. Much information about fasting and other methods of eating.


  • KathyKath

    Correct: I did read the book, and follow it exactly. I use the link I posted above more as a blog, and a place to get support from other people doing the MC.

    I am starting my 2nd MC on Monday if anyone wants to join me!

  • ungrateful-Thanks for the info, but I really don’t think I could handle doing a water fast for more than 24 hours. I am hypoglycemic, and even when I’ve water fasted for 24 hours, it was really hard on me. I get shaky, dizzy, and have terrible headaches because my body can’t seem to keep a steady blood sugar level unless I eat often. I’m hoping with the MC that the maple syrup will help keep my blood sugar levels up.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Quiora, I too am hypoglycemic and did a 10 day Master Cleanse in transitioning to raw with no problem. KathyKath is right. Smooth Move tea is a little harsh. I added lemon juice to make it more palatable. Next time I’m going to try the Yogi brand. The salt water flush made me gag. I drank the tea morning and evening, which seemed to work just fine. I highly recommend cayenne in liquid form, instead of the powder. It’s a little expensive, but so worth it. One bottle will probably last for several cleanses. The lemonade is quite tasty. I lost about 12 pounds the first time and kept it off (still need to lose a lot more). But the best result for me was the change in what foods tasted good after ten days. It totally reset my appetite. Nothing in the SAD diet was appealing, especially sodas. YEAH!

    I drank distilled water exclusively during my cleanse, and used it in the lemonade. Don’t remember all the technicalities, but the expert at the herb shop was very specific about this when we discussed my doing a MC. Her reasoning seemed sound, and she does NOT sell distilled water.

    I am a school teacher and was concerned about doing a cleanse and teaching. I started on a Friday evening to “test the waters” so to speak, and continued on for 11 days with no problems. My main concern was the comments I would get at lunch. (It’s a very small school – 9 teachers – and everyone knows pretty much everything that goes on.) I took my lemonade to school in Arizona tea bottles with the plastic sleeves still on them, and tried to not be in the cafeteria any more than I had to.

    Ungrateful, as I understand it, the salt water flush is not detrimental to the body because the ratio of water to salt is the same as the natural ratio in our body. Therefore the body does not absorb it, but rather “flushes” it out within a couple of hours, carrying waste with it.

    EDIT: I transitioned to less solid food and then juices for a couple of days before I started the MC, so going total liquid was not a major shock to my system.

  • I just got a Champion juicer and will be starting the cleanse soon. My question is – can I juice organic lemons whole? Rind, lemon, seed and all?

  • KAIT – Yes you can! I believe that is actually the preferred way to do it because then you get all of the nutritional benefits from the lemon. Good luck on your cleanse :-)

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