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Sensitive teeth since bring raw

Hi everyone,

Has anyone experience sensitive teeth due to being raw? I have been raw a few months and my teeth are painfully sensitive to cold and sweets.

I was eating way too many sweets in the beginning, but I have gotten that under control and I have been feeling better….except my teeth!

My friend suggested too much citrus, but I only use lemon juice in recipes.




  • I have no help to offer, but would just like to mention that I have also noticed my teeth become more sensitive since being raw. From what I’ve read, teeth problems don’t show up overnight. Eating raw only brings our awareness forth. So you can now feel the problems that were already there.

    As for fixes? I’m interested to see how other people have dealt with this as well. I’m just hoping it all works itself out!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    here is an epiphany i had, after my dentist told me you shouldn’t brush your teeth sooner than 30 minutes AFTER you eat. the acids in the food are still in your mouth and so you are effectively using those acids to brush your teeth. this can cause gum recession and teeth sensitivity.

    it MAY be what you are eating, but if you brush your teeth frequently, like me, it’s more likely to be what i just said.

    hope that helps.

    another thing: when we are stressed we brush our teeth and gums HARDER which isn’t good either. you really should be more “gently painting your teeth with your toothbrush” than “brushing” them.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Vegan! Glad to see you back! How are things going?

    I haven’t noticed more sensitive teeth. Have either of you changed your brushing regime? Do you use a water softener? These two things may affect it alot.

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Yes, I have also heard that if you brush too soon after eating the low (acidic) ph of the food makes your tooth enamel softer and then when you brush it wears off! I have quite sensitive teeth anyway so any help on this one would be good. Are we/me missing something like calcium maybe that makes our teeth weaker?

  • troublesjustabubble…I have not changed my brushing routine. I brush first thing in the AM and before bed. This sensitivity is definitely connected to being raw. I feel like the nerves are exposed when I eat cold or sweet stuff. Very bizarre!

    Other than that I am feeling better after reducing the nuts and sweets. I am drinking green smoothies like a mad woman and loving it.

  • Oh…one last thing…..does anyone think there is a connection to not getting enough complex carbs? I have been concerned about missing complex carbs from my diet. I miss brown rice!

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Oh, another, not quite related thing. I had 2 tooth x-rays about 2 years apart, in the first you could clearly see a cavity at the back end of a molar, in the second it had gone, the dentist was most suprised, but we checked and it realy had gone. I was a vegi at the time (before I had even heard of RV) so it wasn’t to do with raw, but didn’t know that teeth could heal that much. So, even if they are bad now, take heart, doesn’t mean they will always be so. :-)

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    awesome vegan!!! I love my green smoothies too. hehe

    The reason I asked about brushing was because some people want to be more and more natural once they’re raw and start doing different things instead of toothepaste.

    Now I’m really curious to know what’s causing it. Calcium seems to make sense but I don’t know.

  • jellibijellibi Raw Newbie

    In Green For Life, Victoria Boutenko wrote about how her children had tooth sensitivity after a raw food diet. But she said that once they started eating more greens (i.e. green smoothies) their sensitivity went away. So eat your greens! :)

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Will look into this over the weekend as is bugging me now! Off home for the weekend, have a good one everyone!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    hmmm, I hope my teeth get healthier like your’s springleaf! I don’t have sensitivity but I have a couple other problems.

  • Hey Jellibi…I am eating more greens than ever before in my life. Victoria lives in my town. Maybe I will contact her and as if she found a solution. It’s kind of freaking me out because I feel like maybe I am missing something in my diet to cause this.

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    I’ve been using tooth soap instead of toothpaste to brush my teeth for the past few months, and I’ve noticed a definite improvement.


    You can also use a bar of natural olive oil soap, which works just as well. Just rub your toothbrush over the bar of soap, then brush. The idea is that toothpaste leaves a coating of glycerin on your teeth that prevents the enamel from reforming from the minerals in your diet.

    If you’d like to learn more about the whole process, check out the book, “Good teeth, birth to death” by Gerard F Judd.

    Here’s a summary: http://www.scribd.com/doc/451268/Dr-Gerard-F-Ju…

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    If you are craving complex carbs. I would eat them. Could be that is what your systems needs to take care of the problem.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    When I first went raw, I had sensitive teeth, especially while chewing. After a few months, my teeth completely stopped hurting; I don’t even get pain in my teeth when drinking or eating something very cold and that has been a lifelong problem for me.

    I have read that the teeth are elimination points for detoxing, so that’s what I attribute my early tooth-pain towards.

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    My teeth definitely feel more sensitive now, but I’ve been using a homemade recipe for toothpaste (water + a few drops of dr. bronner’s soap + a few drops of lavender oil), and my gums have completely stopped bleeding! This is the first time in years that I’m not spitting out blood. I really can’t believe it, especially since my gums have receded so much. I’m hoping that raw is really healing them!

  • Hi vegan, I don’t want to convert you into being non vegan but recently I’ve read a book called “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition” by Ramiel Nagel. The amazon link is http://www.amazon.com/Cure-Tooth-Decay-Cavities… You can see the book review and how people have healed following its advice. I bought this book with much enthusiasm but I found out that it advocates eating raw meat stews and raw eggs almost daily. It is based on Dr. Price’s research – a dentist and shows pictures of healed teeth after approximately three months’ time. I don’t know what to make out of this book but there are sure good number of positive reviews about it. I’m still learning myself! Hope you find the right answer soon.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Vegan, I recently discovered oil pulling. It’s very healing and it strengthens and whitens teeth. It also kills all germs in the mouth and can prevent a lot of disease. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now and have noticed a significant difference. It’s simple too.

    Using cold pressed sesame seed oil or sunflower seed oil put a tablespoon in your mouth in the morning before brushing or eating and swirl around for fifteen to twenty minutes. When you spit out the oil it should be white. DO NOT SWALLOW. I really recommend this. Look it up and give it a try.

  • I too have become sensitive but I rinse now after acid fruits etc . I read that on Raw the body the body and gums become less inflammed and swollen the gum return to there less irritated state and leave a little exposed tooth. this is one of the causes.

    They are far less sensitive now 4 months after starting raw.

    I also read that the teeth do re mineralise themselves and can repair themselves too.... but that ordinary toothpaste blocks the natural pores of the teeth and stops this.

    I am still using a natural toothpaste but a smaller amount. I will try using soap Dr.brommers soap on my teeth next month as it is still supposed to clean but doesnt block.

    there are other tooth soaps but they are totally over priced , they also talk about needing to use a kind of stain remover and exfoliator etc when you allow the teeth not to be coated by toothpaste as the natural tooth absorbs the colour of all foods as there is no film protecting them from the toothpaste.

    So again another trial to see... who knows.... healthy natural clean teeth, the answer is out there ....

  • Vegan,

    Check this out:



  • Hi, Vegan,

    I just came upon your post and I don't know if your problem has passed but I decided to share my experience. I went raw 7 moons ago and at the beginning I had the same problem and I thought along the same lines as you. But after I did a detox with magnesium and citrus juices for 3 days and the sensitivity of my teeth became almost unbearable at moments, I realized it had to do with extracting toxins from my body.

    Now, the sensitivity is gone completely and I am trying out new ways of cleaning my mouth. The oil pulling is in line for me, for now I have been using an ayurvedic toothpaste - the only one available in Bulgaria as an alternitive to conventional ones.

    Oh, and since I decided that the sensitivity was related to my teeth being too weak, I started chewing more - carrots and other root vegetables and just sprouted wheat. That definately helped a lot and made my gums and teeth feel much better after the initial discomfomrt.

    Stay fresh,

    In Lak'ech/I Am You


  • Wow, vegan, I'm so glad you brought this topic to the forum- While I haven't had any abnormal teeth sensitivity since being raw, I have always had very poor tooth health- it seems the more I pay attention to the dentist's wishes, the worse it becomes! I have two root canals that need to be done soon as well as some $1,000 dollar cleaning the dentist insists on. I will definately try oil pulling and tooth soap before commiting my poor teeth to torture.

    A sincere thank-you for all of the recommendations, I have a new direction and mission!

  • synapsynap Raw Newbie

    springleaf, I am doing research into teeth healing. Have you posted the before and after xray pictures of those teeth? I would love to examine them.

    Let me know where I can see them. It may be extremely valuable for others to begin posting before and after xrays for the rest of us to see and better understand, and for empowerment, of this important topic.

    I have had a couple cavities fill, I have some theories on the dynamics on what may be taking place in the natural tooth self repair.

  • synapsynap Raw Newbie

    Any thoughts on the difference of eating green leafy vegtables that have been frozen before use?

    I have found that storing leafy green vegtables and green beans in the freezer seems to allow them to remain fresher, longer. And the frozen greens seem to blend well in the frozen state, perhaps even easier.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    In Rhio's book, "Hooked on Raw", she talks about teeth problems being related to detoxing too fast - toxins are dumped into the mouth & that's what breaks the teeth down - it makes the mouth too acidic, if I remember right. Maybe that's part of the reason greens help - because they're alkalizing?

    David Wolfe has recommended brushing teeth with Celtic sea salt (which I like), although I think that now he maybe sells a toothpaste? I also got an ayurvedic toothpaste recently, which also feels good.

    I had several cavities fill in - several years ago. I just couldn't afford to get the dental work done. Several years later, when I finally had dental insurance & went to a dentist to get the work done, there were no cavities. I wish I had the x-rays.

    The only other reason I've ever had sensitive teeth is when I've been stressed - I was grinding my teeth in my sleep & they became very sensitive.

  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    I had the exact same problem when I first went raw!! I actually thought I had cavities and was freaking out. I read in an article by Dhrumil that sore teeth could be caused by eating too many sweet fruits and not enough greens, or just going through detox too quickly. Apparently during detox, the toxins can end up in the roots of your teeth. I have no idea how that works, though.

    I hope this helped! :)

  • I am SO glad that someone brought this up. I am also newly raw, only 2 months in, and my teeth are hyper-sensitive right now. They really hurt sometimes.

    I have had dental problems all my life, and just got things under control again. So, it was disheartening to experience this after going raw. I knew for sure that it was related to being raw, as I haven't changed anything else (brushing habits, toothpaste, etc.). And I don't eat much citrus, so I knew it wasn't related to that.

    I am relieved to see that some of your guys experienced this and it passed in time. I will ride it out and see. Also going to try Bronner's to brush and perhaps the oil pulling.

  • synapsynap Raw Newbie

    Thanks Angie, In Hubbard's book "Clear Body, Clear Mind", he talks about the use of calcium magnesium supplements during the detox.

    It seems to me that this is in line with what many have spoken of here. It seems that as the body dislodges and excretes the toxic substances, the acid levels go up. And that the body naturally nuetralizes the acids by using minerals where ever it can find them, whether in the circulatory system, respiratory system, skin, mouth, eyes, etc. And that the biggest source in the mouth are the teeth. And that we can shield them during the process by adding calcium/magnesium during the process, by adding dark leafy green smoothies in the mouth, adding both the minerals and added oxegen to the saliva

    Trader Joe's sells a bottle of Calcium Magnesium Zinc pills for about $3.99. I have taken one of the pills and grind it up in a coffee bean grinder. put the powder in mouth and mix it with the saliva in mouth, spread the compound over teeth and around gum line, in gaps, crevaces, holes, etc. After this measure ph with saliva ph test strip. The ph indicates 8 (the maximum indicatable on strip is 8, a dark purple color).

    I have some theories, supported by evidence, of why reminerilization can and does take place after detox. And I have some ideas on how scientists will be able to reform larger pieces of tooth using a kind of scaffolding for the dentin/enamel to reform on. I love this stuff. We are living in an amazing time, where we are understanding more about our bodies and have better and better tools to have fuller and better lives.

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    You guys may want to look at a product called Ora MD Which is an all natural Oil solution for tooth and Gum Care... This stuff is the Best///


  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    If You have Gum issues Check out Peri-Gum...


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