Crunchy Oat Cereal

sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

Couldn’t add this recipe this morning, so here it is:-

500gms buckwheat groats, 500gms oat groats, 2 tablespoons lucuma or mesquite, pinch sea salt,

goji’s, raisins, cacao nibs

Soak the buckwheat for 30 minutes and sprout for 2-3 days, rinsing twice a day. Soak the oat groats overnight on the day the buckwheat has started to sprout.

Process the buckwheat and oats gently with the lucuma and salt just enough to bind the mixture a little. Spread the mixture out thinly on teflex sheets and dehydrate until crunchy. Make sure the buckwheat tails are properly dehydrated. Store in an airtight container (can keep several months)

Before serving, add a handful of raisins, goji’s and cacao nibs to the mix and enjoy with your favourite nut mylk.


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    I was also unable to post a recipe…
    Also – I wanted to ask – is it possible to put “1/2” in the drop-down ingredient list?
    When I was posting a recipe it kept defaulting back to “1” even though I entered “1/2” for several things.
    And I wanted to enter 1 “bunch” for fresh parsley, but maybe that is not a conventional enough measurement.
    Anyway I hope that the “1/2” designation can be a choice. Thanks

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