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The Protein Myth

chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

I was questioned on another thread when I made the comment that Broccoli and Spinach have about twice the protein of beef. I thought I would post my reply as a new thread to combat the Mass acceptance of the years of marketing by the animal foods industry.

- my reply -



  • Yes, and you haven’t even mentioned the fact that the fruits and vegetables when eaten raw supply a much better quality protein that our body can use versus the beef which is nearly always cooked and often overcooked which supplies a highly toxic and unuseable protein that was modified by heat.

  • Weightlifting everyday and reading about exercises and diets from these body builders, its amazing the lie they believe. One of my old personal trainers (when I was vegan) told me I had to get about 1 gram of protein per body weight. Another told me 1/2 of my body weight with 1 gram of protein.

    Since being raw I eat about 50-60 grams (sometimes more) of protein, and I have felt stronger and have seen more gains in these last 3 months that in the last 5 years!

  • For more info see this thread: http://www.goneraw.com/forums/3/topics/576

    Visit Charlie’s Gym (there’s a link in the thread).

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Just to clarify: The information I posted is talking about the percentage of calories being protein. In Broccoli, 45% of the calories are protein. In Beef, 23% of the calories are protein.

    Sometimes you will see protein compared by ammount of grams in a cup. A

  • it makes sense

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    How do you think elephants and gorillas get so strong? veggies!!!!

  • there was a recent article in the New York Times about athletes, and in the article it said athletes need NO MORE than 15-20 grams of protein a day. This is contrary to what people believe, thinking about 60-70 grams is about right. That’s so wrong. Excess protein leads to osteoporosis by leaching calcium from the bones. That is why yogurt is not good for osteoporosis—the casein basically negates the calcium present. Much better to get calcium from leafy greens.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    It’s not real surprising….I think we were all one of those people. Only those who do a personal investigation are likely to find it and believe it. Just because I tell someone it’s a myth, are they likely to believe me? No they are likely to put on a smile and think in their head ‘so Everyone else is wrong, the doctors, the nutritionists, the food guide, Everyone else, and you are right’ mmhmmm.

    But it never hurts to try…especially if you start talking about amino acids, then you sound like might actually be in the know….

    I prefer to just tease them….you know the old, where do you get yours? Oh, well where do cows get it? Where do you get your plant sterols from? What about hormones?

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    ...or just start freaking out….Oh My God!!! Nooo, I have been living all this time with no protein!!! Start breathing heavy, faint….

    It would be worth being mistook as crazy, wouldn’t it?

  • Yeah…

    If I was not getting protein, I would be week and unable to work. That is what I tell others. Yet, I work hard during the day, around the yard and such, remolding, and I run a lot.

    Personally, I have found that it is not always good to try to get any ‘grams’ of anything. I mean, it is better to get percetage. By that I mean that percentage is found to be more accurate, expecially when it comes to fat.

    These companies sell things that are 99% fat free…it is not. What they do is water it down and flavor it with sugar and salt (or MSG) and add something to thicken it. Now, if you devide the fats from calories by the calories, you get the fat percentage.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    This is great stuff. Now I have more ammo. Thanks.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    ha I read somewhere when I was researching veggie protein a while ago that there is some formula or other to tell me how much protein I needed and I put my specs in the formula and it said I needed 90 grams of protein and I only way 130 at 5’5”! I would have to eat sooooo many calories to get that much protein even if I was eating meat.

    My Mom keeps telling me to eat beans and rice or meat to get a “complete” protein. I asked her what the difference between protein and “complete” protein was and she couldn’t answer it. Does anyone know what it is? She said she thinks it’s more important than just protein…...whatever that means.

  • I was reading the australian guidelines recently, the recommendation was 0.75gms of protein per kilo of body weight. Thats around 40gms for me, so the requirements really arent that high.

    My response to the question is that theres protein in everything, that youd have to not be eating enough for it to be an issue gets looks of surprise.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    ‘Well here’s the thing…protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks. Meat contains all the amino acids, is the thinking I believe, so it is deemed as a ‘complete’ protein. ....but really it’s not in the right chain configuration for humans so it has to be broken down by the body into it’s basic amino acids and rebuilt….although that part I am a little sketchy on.

    Just remember that amino acids are what build protein. It’s hard to find ALL 12? essential amino acids in any one food, especially in the right porportions, so you either eat meat, or you eat a variety of food to get the right mix. That’s what she’s talking about when she says beans and rice. Together they contain all the essential amino acids and the body can build protein.

    Incidently, avocados contain all the essential amino acids too, just not in the right porportions. And much of the protein in meat is destroyed via cooking so it’s Much easier for the body to build it from a varied plant based diet. Variety is the key basically.

    Even fruit is between 5-10% ‘protein’.

    The only people that suffer from a lack of protein are people who are starving. It’s actually so hard to do that I read somewhere that there is in fact NO documented cases in people who eat a proper amount of calories….but I don’t have a resource for you offhand.

    And on the plant sterols…another rawbie said that they are gone from the plant within a few hours of picking, and are supposed to be really healthy…have to research more on that one before I start using it as a comeback I guess. ;)

  • I watched this video few days ago which relates to protein. Here is Tim Van Orden view on protein. protein myth

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    Wow I am impressed with that guy melaverde! .....gone to go Tim Van Orden researching now, lol…

    ...and I was on the right track, but I knew I was a bit confused. Great video!

  • Bananna – I liked the video too and this guy is truly inspirational and a great motivator.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    I am now watching all of his videos on his website….anyone know if this guy is single? lol…not that I am anyway, mind you…I am still, for some reason, wondering.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Bananna-thank you for that. My Mom is very into health but doesn’t understand why I want to go all raw. Now I can explain some things to her to help.

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