aloe vera juice

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Is it raw? And does anyone have any experience with it, good or bad? Thanks! :o)


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Aloe Vera juice is good for many health reasons. They drink raw, fresh juice as a health tonic in some parts of Mexico. It’s slimy though and not at all tasty. I think most bottled juices are pasteurized as they won’t be safe on the shelf for long if they aren’t. There may be some raw sources available, but I don’t know from whom. Aloe Vera is full of glyconutrients. Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, posted a report on the benefits of Aloe Vera, including instructions on how to harvest your own and how to eat it. The only thing that I’ve heard bad about it is the inconsistancy of nutrients from plant to plant. But, isn’t that true with all things?

  • Hello - I dont know if its raw or not, but i used to drink it often before I went raw. (I ordered the Joule from the wholefoodsfarmacy – im still a distributor for it, i think. Its aloe vera, spring water and cinnamon) I used to drink it at night, and i found it helped me sleep much sounder, and im pretty sure it was responsible for healing an ulcer. My NP tested me on it and thought my body was responding well. Since going raw, i dont eat anything i dont prepare myself, and i use local food (i really dont trust what other people do to food!) so i havent had it in a while…Its rumored to have all kinds of medicinal uses though. :) If you google ‘medicinal uses for aloe vera’ youll get a lot of interesting articles.

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