ugh breaking out again!!!

so really, i am breaking out like mad on my cheeks and chin and I am 38 years old~! this happened once before about 2 months into my raw lifestyle change, and i am wondering why it’s happening again. I fell off the raw wagon for 2-3 weeks in august, eating mostly raw but also cooked vegan (lowfat) and then on sept 1 got back into 90% plus raw, striving towards 811.

Why would i be breaking out now? Is it possible that my calories are too low? I’ve heard that when one’s calories are too low, one begins to break out.


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    hmmm, I’ve never heard the low calorie causes acne thing but I wonder….... I’d like to learn about that. I eat pretty low calories but I’m trying to up it.

    I have gotten probably five pimples since going raw and that’s a significant low from before but they have spanned the five months pretty well. It’s been annoying. Lately though I’ve started using coconut oil and ACV on my skin and it is soooo beautiful. What do you use as a wash and moisturizer? I wonder if it’s the detox from when you went to SAD for a bit.

  • I wish I could find the thread on here and send a HUGE THANK YOU. I would break out along my chin and could not do anything to get rid of it. Someone suggested to stop using toothpaste that has tarter control in it. I switched to a very plain toothpaste and my face finally cleared up!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    whoa! That’s so interesting! What is it that controls tartar? I wonder why it makes you break out. I always break out along that area whenever I get pimples.

  • I’m not sure what controls the tarter either. I mentioned it to my doctor and she said she’s heard of people who are sensitive to it and can get sores on the inside of their mouths from it, but hadn’t thought of the effects on the outside of the mouth but it made sense to her.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I get itchy spots on my feet and ankles when I excercise and I believe it is old stuff being raked up by the excercise. And I’ve been 100% for 3 1/2 years.

    I also feel my bone structure in my face shifting and changing, it is so weird…you can see on photos that it is happening too, my bone structure looks different now. I feel old toxins coming out from deep inside with these shifts and spots come now and again in places where I know very old tensions and toxins are being released. The face is covered with so many muscles, and we all hold a lot of tension in our faces, as we detox and let go, it brings it all up, and I feel this can take a long time to work through. A good face massage might help. There are lymph glands under your cheekbones and on your chin, these are where the toxins in your skin should go to be taken away and into your urine. If you just massage these areas it will help the toxins to go where they need to instead of breaking out onto your face.

    I use toothpaste my spots if I get any embarrassing ones. It is a model’s tip, apparently all the supermodels do it!! Kate Moss is probably covered in Colgate every morning ;0

    Also spots can signify unreleased anger, if you’ve felt angry and had to hold it in, go and beat up some pillows and get it out, it might clear the spots up ;)

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