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your life as a soundtrack

this is cheezy.. but if you could make a soundtrack of how your life has been so far, what songs and artist/artists would you choose? :)



  • Peaches- “Fuck The Pain Away”

    Suckin’ on my titties
    like you wanted me
    callin’ me all the time
    like blondie
    check out my chrissy behind,
    it’s fine all of the time

    like sex on the beaches
    what else is in the teaches of peaches?

    fuck the pain away.

    Sort of just kidding, hah

  • Haha, I like it. :D


    (Not safe for work.)

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Clash – Lose This Skin
    (This song helped me deal with anger I was feeling after someone I love had died.)

    Damien Dempsey – Celtic Tiger

    Ramones – Long Way Back to Germany

    Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant

    Ministry – Stigmata

    Rolling Stones – Moonlight Mile

    Enigma – Return to Innocence

    The Dramatics – Whatcha See is Whatcha Get

    Morphine – Cure For Pain

    The Pogues – Sayonara

  • not sure about my whole life…. but I just love this song!

    Arlo Guthrie: Motorcycle song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQCKgf8gTnw&feat... and Donovan.... I love donovan! Cosmic Wheels http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rM_dmLEfDs
  • If I look back on my life here is what I see (and this goes in chronologically order I guess – sort of the the musical trip of Queenfluffs life)


    Those songs from Rankin and Bass Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Shiney New Year etc

    “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

    Disney songs: “Some day your Prince will come” “When you wish upon a star”

    Grammar School years:

    My brother played alot of Beatles and Billy Joel and REO SpeedWagon

    My first two albums I bought all by self (and yes they were vinyl) in 8th grade:

    Rolling Stones “Tattoo You”

    Journey “Escape”

    Then my varied musical journey of artists I love throughout my life:

    Almost ANYTHING 80s since that is when I grew up

    The Alarm (my favorite 80s band)


    Sting (solo stuff)

    Michael Jacksons Thriller

    The Doors

    Def Leppard

    Duran Duran


    Bob Marley

    Anything psychedelic or folk 60s like Jimi Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel or Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

    From my goth/industrial/techno years:

    Peter Murphy

    Nitzer Ebb

    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

    Sisters of Mercy

    Switchblade Symphony



    Daft Punk

    Now I like a mixture of all these things. I like anything with a tropical beat or reminds of sunny weather. Esp steel drums.

    My “feel good” music is always The Alarm or Sting or anything by Bob Marley.

  • Kevlar- the end of the Miss Piggy is rad…when the hair gets all wild! That actually made me lol

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    you all have interesting selections.
    Music is amazing.
    I could live without other forms of media, but not w/o music.
    (Well I guess books & music would be a tie actually)
    Queenfluff – I went through a Goth/Industrial phase too - used to like to listen to Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy,Sisters of Mercy, and Peter Murphy from Bauhaus when I was in Germany.
    Did you ever see the film “The Hunger” with David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon?
    It started with Bauhaus’s tune “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

  • greenghost -

    I like your selections too. I love that Engima song. The words are so great! And Stigmata is my fave Ministry song. My friends I used to go see bands like that in concert. I remember a Nitzer Ebb concert that we went too where we got pretty tossed around by all the moshing and us being three very short girls! It was awesome!

    Yeah, I have seen the Hunger. I don’t think there is a goth or ex-goth who hasn’t. :)

    I just remembered a few other things that would definatley define my life “soundtrack” – although they really don’t fall under an album one artist per se:

    Lollpalooza! I remember the first one and we went every year after that for a while. Those are the greatest inventions in concerts. It always rained at those things. Lollpalooza = mud.:)

    I also remember Woodstock ‘94 (25th anniversary of Woodstock) – I drove all the way to NY to see that thing and it was awesome (and muddy!). I felt so gypped that I missed out on the first original one and considered myself to be born a decade too late and I said “I gotta go to this!”. I am sure the original was the best but at least a got to experience something like it! :)

    Oh, the memories! Outdoor concerts really are great! :)

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    queenfluff Lollapalooza and Woodstock ‘94 must have been great!
    I was so close to going to Woodstock ‘94. I don’t even live far from there, but I had to work. Oh well….
    But I appreciate all the other times I was able to see good shows (and even some not so good ones!)
    Last night I saw a pretty talented local Irish band. I’m beyond mosh-pit capable these day, but this was a small venue and the band had great energy. It was fun ~ And the 1 non-raw IPA pint of brew I had was pretty damn good too :)

  • greenghost -

    I definatley have my non-raw pint of ale every now and than and don’t feel guilty about it all! New Castle is my favorite. :) I can’t drink any see-through beer – my body hates it. It has to non-see-through for me to drink it. :) I always ask what is the darkest beer you got?

    Woodstock ‘94 was great! The mud was so thick that my boots (dr marten types) got stuck in the mud and my foot feel out. But it was risky to run around barefoot because of possible broken glass etc. My main memory – besides the nude people – was that I went to the other side of the concert because I heard they had a vegetarian burrito over there. I was getting sick of the choices near our tent (basically cheese pizza for me at the time). So I slid over mud hill after mud hill to get there and when I got there the guy was like “You look like you traveled a long way to get here”. Ha ha! I was like “Yes, I heard you had vegetarian burritos here and I want one!” So, I got my burrito – but it really wasn’t that good. :)

    One my best shows I went too was an Irish band called the Muck Brothers back in Chicago. Moslty so fun because they were high energy and my friend and I bounced and jigged and they had good ale! ;)

  • America The Beautiful

  • wow, some really good stuff! gotta say chicory, im with you on arlo guthrie anyone who can use the word pickle in a song!!! teehee

    heres a few of my favs: crowded house: caravansong (but love all their early stuff) U2 absolutely anything! some micheal buble, van haggar, ( so shoot me) billy joel, anna nalick, norah jones. for shear smile factor: kyles moms a bitch: south park! ;0)

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    yes I can see what you mean queenfluff ~ I don’t drink much anymore. When I do it’s typically a glass of very dry red wine, but when it comes to beer ~ I like the darker beers too.
    My favorite is an IPA called “Hurricane Kitty” by Keegan Ales (a local microbrewery). I love HOPS! :)
    Porters and Stouts are good too, but IPAs are my favorite.
    Personally can’t stand the mainstream ‘Budweiser-Lager types’ either. UGH.
    It’s like drinking water with a tan crayon dipped in it.

    btw – your Woodstock experience sounds like it was fun! :)

  • When you are an old dog like me… LOL Some of my favorite were on the Top 10 in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s, so my list is too long… LOL

    However, Brandi Carlile’s THE STORY seems to hit me on the head and in my heart!!! You can check it out on youtube…


  • O.K., the soundtrack of my life would definitely include these artists:

    Robyn Hitchcock

    Nick Drake

    Neil Young

    The Walkmen

    Belle and Sebastian

    The Jam

    Paul Weller

    The Kinks

    There are many others that I love, but might not put on a desert island disc. I was in several bands back in the day, but couldn’t think of anything more boring than listening to myself over and over again.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    yay – more interesting choices… love the Jam & Robyn H….
    another great song was Midnight Oil’s “Blue Sky Mine”
    it’s pretty f’d up what those miners had to go through and how cavalierly they were treated by the company CSR.

  • i love midnight oil! i went through an aussie stage( guess i missed the goth!) any how great song, did you know they still play clubs there in oz?

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    My soundtrack goes just about everywhere. My parents listened to country western so that plays a big part in my life. Then my brothers and sister played rock n roll then rock So I am the strange one so mine goes something like this

    Dolly Pardon, Little Blossom House of the rising sun, don’t know who does it Beatles Beatles Beatles Shocking blue, Venus Blue oster cult (old weird stuff) Black Oak Arkansas Frank Zappa Lots of old country Top ten bubble gum music (that is what my brother called it) Ten CC Big time Linda Rhonstat Beatles Beatles Beatles Hawkwind, like “Sonic Attack” Deep Purple And yes I watched Lawrence Welk ALL the time And Ballroom dancing, back when there was no big stage just a open space in the floor surrounded by tables of people, with numbers on their backs Cheap Trick Led Zeppelin Dwight Yokum, fast as you Aaron Tippen Tim McGraw Lynn Anderson Loretta Lynn Native American Music Celtic Women John Denver Enya And I love Frank Sinatra and the whole Rat Pack Rocco Deluca and the Burden Just to many to mention And did I mention the Beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just mix it up all the time. I even have been known to listen to some rap with my daughter.

  • MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm…. Jeff Buckley- “Everybody Here Wants You” Led Zep- “Since I’ve Been Loving You” Motley Crue- “Looks That Kill” and “Hell on High Heels” The Doors- The entire Morrison Hotel album will do.. Elvis- “Just Pretend” is my favorite, but seeing as though I’m devoted enough to tatoo his name on my body, anything from him will do

  • edited January 2016

    The Beatles – A day in the life, John lennon – watching the wheels, beautiful boy, Kate Bush – Suspended In Gaffa, And Dream Of Sheep, Hounds of Love, Breathing, Mother stands for comfort, watching you without me, and so many more by her, The Cocteau Twins – summerhead, carolyn’s fingers, and pretty much all their songs and albums (Four calender cafe is out of this world), The Innocence Mission – Birds of my neighborhood (whole album), Small Planes (Whole album), Surreal….

  • There would be a lot of early West Coast American punk rock, and of course, the Grateful Dead.

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    Come into my dreams, Let me show you where i’ve been. It’s you and me i’ve seen, Let me tell u what i mean.

    In the deap blue sky, there were rainbows in the night. U and me could fly, and the ocean shines so bright.

  • My Life as a Soundtrack….

    Too many staircases to spiral down, to tell that emotional tale.

    However, for the this moment in time… in regards to the current moments in my life and what I see happening at this time in the world…

    this is the song that resonates truth for me… strikes the very chord of my soul.

    Song by “The Who”...but Most EMPOWERING sung by Pearl Jam



  • Greenghost and Queenfluff

    I do not meet many people who are familiar with “Bauhaus”...Awesome!!!

    Loved the first Lollapalooza 1991!!!

    I was also into Siouxsie and the Banshees. Me = alternative, skate, betty…back then.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    hey simplyraw ~ yeah Siouxsie was a lot of fun….
    Went down to the Peppermint Lounge (the second one, not the one that closed in 1965!) in NYC to see her play when I was 16…it was great… also was able to see the English Beat at The Ritz (before the band broke up and formed General Public) ...

  • simplyraw, I love “Love Reign O’er Me.” Thanks for the link! BTW, forgot to mention Morrissey and The Smiths. What can I say? I’m a melodramatic sad sack.

  • Greenghost

    I envy your experience!!! Today is not what Yesteryear was. I would have liked to have seen Siouxsie and English Beat/General Public live! BTW, I was 16 when I was jamming to them too.


    OMG!! Your comment definitely brought back memories. Like I said…too many staircases to spiral down… too many songs that have caught the voice of my soul over time.

    We have created our own music stations on….


    Just last night, we caught “The Smiths” and “Echo and the Bunnymen”.

  • simplyraw, I loved Echo and the Bunnymen. I also liked Ian McCollough’s solo album “Candleland.” That link you gave is AMAZING…thanks! BTW, does anyone remember the Housemartins?

  • I used to have a Bauhaus t shirt :)

  • Chicory

    My friend had one of their shirts too! I forgot all about that.

    BTW, Great Forum Idea! :)


    I’m not familiar with the Housemartins, but I can tell you the first tape I ever bought was the ‘Violent Femmes’. I was really jammin’ to them and Siouxsie…my poor single Mom. You know she had to love me.

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