Dr Graham lecture tomorrow in manhattan...who's going?

looks like they’re opening it up to everyone who can fit in the room. Got this email today:

Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Dr. Graham says that he is too! There’s no need to RSVP at this point. Dr. Graham instructed me to let as many people in as the space will hold. So here’s the plan:

We’ll admit the pre-paid people first and then we’ll admit additional people on a first come first serve basis until the room is full. Simple enough! The admission fee is $20.00.

If you haven’t prepaid, I suggest arriving early and getting your name on the list that we will start to keep track of who is first in line. In addition to me, Robert and Blanch will be there to help with admittance.

See you tomorrow!

All the best, Stephen

P.S.: Dr. Graham will have his books there for sale so you might want to bring some extra money for that. Bonobo’s opens for business at 11:00 AM!


When: September 28, 2008 2:00 PM

Where: Bonobo’s Restaurant 18 East 23 Street @Madison Avenue New York, NY 10001


  • hi nycgrrl – i’ll be there. are you going early? love to meet :-)

  • hey mimo! it was great to meet you, sorry i couldn’t get there early (and that i had to slip out early). my husband was kind enough to watch the kids at his office, but i really couldn’t impose on him for more than an hour and a half. how long did the lecture go on? what did i miss??

  • hi nycgrrl – it was great to meet you too. sorry you couldn’t stay.

    I’m not quite sure what you missed. He spoke a lot about what constitutes a whole food vs. a junk food (supplements, super foods, protein powder, refined processed food, etc). He also stressed congruence i.e. living your life in accordance with your values. In this case if you believe eating a raw food diet is the optimal diet, then begin to do it immediately (no benefit to a slow transition). This way of eating has no downside.

    At some point Dr Graham opened the discussion to questions: What is the optimal food to eat after a workout and when should you eat? Short answer: fruit immmediately after workout. Do you need extra protein to for muscle devt? No, you need to just work your muscles. (protein powder should be considered a junk food). Any validity to blood type diet? No, eating fruits and veg. is a species specific diet.

    Then a guy spoke about changing his diet to 811. He is an athlete, runs marathons and does triathalons. In fact he had just run a marathon Sunday morning and had no fatigue. He talked about his transition from being a vegetarian to vegan to high fat raw to 811. He has had dramatic improvement with his training (short recovery time) and running times as well as feeling so much better.

    I asked about raw foods and children. He said not to worry about fat percentage – concentrate on raw. I also spoke with Stephan briefly afterwards and he recommended Karen Ranzi to talk to about raw food and kids: http://www.karenranzi.com/articles.html (she has a book out soon).

    I bought the recipe book – very simple recipes with all the ratios. i was surprised that there are lots of recipes with nuts or avocado.

    anyway, that’s it for now. have a good day!

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