Juice Fasting, ??

This is my 5th day of a JF, Just ate fruit and veggies for two weeks before I started. I have been doing green lemonade (romaine,kale,1” of ginger,1 lemon,1 apple) ( carrot,celery) & friut.Do the fruit in the morning and the GL or CC latter in the day.Two ?? Is there a limit to how many fruits one can mix at a time.These recipes do not include any melon.Are there any other juice recipes anyone would like to suggest as I would like to include some others.I did ck out the recipe page I do not want to do any citrus right now.Thank You for any replies.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I just posted a pineapple basil drink. I am not sure if you would want to do that, since you didn’t want to any citrus, pineapple might be too acidic as well. But, thought I would let you know anyway.

  • Logan,

    I have read on some food combining websites that it is best to eat or drink melon alone. Watermelon juice is low on acid and I also have beeen making a green juice of lettuce, celery and cucumbers recently that a friend has taught me how to make. Good luck with your juice fast, it is hot where i live and these days I am drinking mostly green juice and green smoothies and it feels good. Peace, deasmiles.

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