Starting to Update Gone Raw!

Just wanted to let everyone know there might have been some glitches and weirdness over the past hour on here. The reason is that we’re starting to update and rewrite parts of Gone Raw… finally!

We have a long list of requests we’re working from, based on discussions in this section of the forum, and also from the survey we did a month or two ago. But to get started, we’ve done some tweaking today to get the site running just a tiny bit faster. We want to make sure that as we add new features, we keep Gone Raw running fast and snappy too.

Since we’re kind of “under construction,” you might notice some things looking different, misbehaving, or confusing you over the next few weeks. Please be sure to let us know! We have a whole Gone Raw section of the forum for just that.

Thanks for all your support, and we hope you enjoy the forthcoming changes!!


  • One thing I forgot to mention. We’re “phasing out” support of older browsers. While we still make a sincere attempt to be sure that Gone Raw works on as many web browsers as possible, we are becoming less concerned with older browsers, even Internet Explorer version 6 and below.

    If you’re interested in the best possible experience on here, we recommend the following browsers, from our most to least favorite:

    • Safari – you used to need a Mac to run this awesome browser… now you don’t!
    • Firefox – always a good choice, on Mac or PC.
    • Internet Explorer 7 – if you must stick with IE, the latest version is not that bad.
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