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amysueamysue Raw Newbie

Hey all,

We’ve just returned from an adventure in Argentina and I am happy to report that I stayed 100% raw the entire time! I did a lot of research beforehand and learned a lot along the way so I wanted to pass on some tips that helped me and may help you.

Bring along breads, crackers, cookies, dried fruits, nuts, raw granola, etc. – any prepared foods that don’t need to be refrigerated. I spent the week before dehydrating and the buckwheat superfood granola I made really saved me (sprouted buckwheat, goji berries, cacao nibs, agave, etc, dehydrated). Make sure you save enough for the flight home!

Bring along your own salt grinder, a small, light cutting board, an all-purpose tool with a knife (check it in!), a SPORK (love my spork), cup or bottle and a big lightweight plate or bowl (camping supply stores are great). Pack extra small plastic bags or containers for single servings of snacks.

You can generally find a small bottle of olive oil no matter where you go, keep it in a plastic bag in your day bag if you’re eating at a restaurant and don’t think they’ll have a decent oil. Only one restaurant we visited did, but all had lemons.

If you’re worried about getting greens bring a green wholefood powder to mix with water. I brought Alissa Cohen’s with probiotics and enzymes.

Be very careful where you bring fruit. The airport in Patagonia had a fruit detecting machine and they confiscated all of my fresh fruit (I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed there!).

If anyone has anything to add I’m still learning and would love any tips but I just wanted everyone to know you can go to a meat-loving country and be successfully raw.


  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    Great tips! I am traveling by train next weekend and I will bring some food this time!

  • iknikn

    Great tips! thanks. I will be in Chicago at a Trade Show for 10 days. Although Chicago is a great place to be raw, I do plan on bringing some ingredients with me so I wouldn’t spend an arm and a leg on food. Also, I will probably buy some stuff at the grocery store. I was wondering, does the x-ray harm the food when we go through the security checkpoints at the airport? I’m sure it doesn’t help it.

  • jah rawstafarijah rawstafari Raw Newbie

    Really good suggestions – I know it must have been a challenge – Argentinians LOVE their meat like no other! I have only made one trip out of the coutry since becaming raw (1 year) and luckily I went to stay on an sustainbale organic farm in Costa Rica – so that was a piece of (raw) cake! Traveling domestically though – I always prep these staples:

    Temples Balls (Dates, almonds, sesame, sea salt, sometimes sprulina, hemp and/or cacao) Grawnola; Flavored Pepitas (soaked in cumin and salt and dehydrated); Dried Bananas, Apples, whatever fruit is handy; FlaxCrackers/Onion Bread; and, of course, Chocolate!; (oh-and herbal tea bags)

    As long as I have these things – I can usually round out my days with local fruits and veggies no prob. The issues usually arise when I have to go out to eat. The last couple trips I brought my little tupperware in my purse and just odrered a cup of hot water with lemon wedges and would reach down into my purse from time to time to nosh on a date roll. At first my family thought I was a wee nuts but now they see that I am happy (and not waisting away) so they tolerate my dinner shenanigans and even request a sample every now and again!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    ikn – sorry, no clue about the x-rays. Chicago should be great!

    jah rawstafari – I was like you at dinner. I was so sick to death of gagging down Ensalada Mixta (lettuce tomato and onion) every night, the only meat-free salad in the country other than mono salads, so I started bringing my beloved Cheesy Almonds from this site in my purse and dumping some on the salad after the waiter walked away. It was easier in darker restaurants.

    One more important tip – don’t bring experimental recipes. If you haven’t made it and don’t know you love it, don’t bring it. I brought a whole lot of leathery tasteless crackers that I just couldn’t eat and wished I had brought good ol onion bread instead.

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