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Most unappetizing thing ever!!!

I have been perusing a singles website where I clicked on a photo to view the profile… Oh my, to my horror I saw a very large man sucking the meat of a poor crabs’ leg… He was all greasy with his shinny lips and fingers around the shell… I can’t believe how it upset me…

Have I lost all my sinsitivity to mankind or are YOU too offended by the way he presented himself???


  • ya know, it wouldn’t be my idea of a dream man but maybe somewhere out there, some place there is a women sucking on poor crab legs who would be so excited to meet another crab consumer. grin They could put their headers as “Got crabs?” wink

  • Got Crabs??? Now that’s funny!!!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    hee hee. actually waterbaby i have the same feeling everytime i see death casually displayed like that. there was an add on the train for maine, where kids were chowing down on lobster. i remember wondering why i was the only one on the train that might be a little turned off by watching little humans devour the dead flesh of a carcass. i payed for my ticket but i got a horror film for free. =)

    incidentally there was a blog i read recently of “how you know you’re a raw vegan” and one of the listed items was: “you start referring to the food network as the horror channel.” SO TRUE! “oh my dear sweet lord, you’re going to handle that stinking animal flesh, bake it, and then you’re expecting your family to want to EAT it? are you out of your mind?”

    did you read jinjee’s email about how her children were confused by the dishwasher manual because it said if the machine stops working you might want to check to see if any bones got stuck in the filter… why would there be bones in the dishwasher mommy? good question!


  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    LOL water baby! not food related but when i was out there perusing single sites i personally loved (NOT) all the pics of guys half naked and drinking with women hanging off their arms…..uh they where looking for a date when they apperently had dates….my hubby said he was aghast at all the woman pics in bikinis with their daughters or drunk at a club wit their friends….... what the heck?

  • Pianissima~ Yes, yes, yes Thank YOU!!! For 13 months I thought I was a raw vegan but now I know I am!!! I haven’t even tried looking at a cooking show as I don’t cook anything, but have seen some segments on the Today Show and have been put off by them and the delight of the hosts while chowing down… REVOLTING

    Omshanti~ The older men in my age group are a little more discrete, but there are those!!! Oh my, YOU can’t imagine some of the photos they will send to my email… And what’s up with all the young men (20’s & 30’s) hitting on an ole woman like me??? Are they so full of testosterone and think we ole ladies don’t have any other options or have their mothers let them down when they were little??? Probably the first…. LOL

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    berry! :0)

    waterbaby, good luck in our search for l’amour may it be meat free and full of testosterone!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    We were just discussing the topic of people sweating at rest who also happen to usually be heavy meat eaters last night at dinner. A heart attack waiting to happen!

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