I am new to the raw food diet and I was curious: has anyone been cured of allergies due to going raw? My son has an allergic reaction to dust mites, tree pollen and our dog. :-( They want to remove his adenoids b/c they are swollen. He is taking Singular and spraying Rhinocort. But I would like him to be taking nothing at all. Just curious. Thanks.


  • Sounds like his system may be so irritated he is reacting to a lot of airborne things.

    If he cuts out the dairy (raw, organic or otherwise) and other processed (sources of chemicals) foods, I think he would have fewer breathing problems.

    My brother in law and nephew have breathing problems. They prefer to subscribe to whatever advertisers and magazines who profit from advertisers would recommend.

    At one of the other websites, I think I did see where people said that they know longer have breathing problems after going raw. Good luck!

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