What’s the deal with quinoa? Before going raw I used to cook it like rice, soaking it beforehand of course, and I noticed they usually grow their tails in a couple of hours. Does this mean they are enzymatically active? I would really appreciate some clarity on this topic because I kinda miss quinoa… ;)


  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Dont miss it eat it! If they grow tails their raw.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I have some quinoa sprouted & waiting in the fridge to eat tomorrow mixed with avocado & seasonings in a nori wrap – yum! I have never eaten it cooked; I never heard of quinoa until I started eating raw. I love that it’s so easy to sprout :)

  • Thanks guys, I have some nori, carrots, zucchini, and cilantro that would probably love to be wrapped together with some sprouted quinoa…

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I’m going to make it today! I mash up the avocado, mix in garlic, ginger, salt & sprouted quinoa, line the nori with dry lettuce leaves or thinly peeled carrots (patted dry on a paper towel), and put thin cucumber &/or apple sticks in the center. Then I roll it up & slice it, & it’s heaven! Your mixture sounds good, too. :)

  • Who knew??? I am going to try this when I get home today! Yay! R4R

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    This is one of the few things I can sprout with no problems, and I like it raw as much as I used to like it cooked. Reminds me I do still have some, I might soak and sprout it to use in a salad tomorrow but I like the idea of using it in place of rice for Nori rolls even better :)

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