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Cronometer - better info for?

Hi I downloaded the cronometer and noticed it didn’t have a lot of raw food info. Does anyone have a good internet link for raw food nutritional info?


  • Also it measures everything in grams. Any conversions out there?

  • I found a food conversion calculator. http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/cookingconversions…

  • writeeternity, do you mean like raw gourmet foods? cronometer seems to have about every fruit, vegetable, nut,etc…

    I think it’s possible to create your own individual food item or recipe on there. (Though I’ve never done that.) So if you weighed every ingredient in say a ‘gone raw’ recipe it would then be possible to have it calculate the nutrients in a teaspoon or full serving.

  • Stacie, you can change the unit of measure on most foods in CRON-o-Meter. The drop down to the right of the amount often includes cups, etc.. As for recipes you can construct your own, as Avo Cado notes. The food list is that of the USDA and includes your standard raw fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.. With some of the more exotic stuff, you might have to look it up online and create your own food entry. COM 0.8 is using the latest and greatest USDA SR19, while many nutrition programs have not yet updated. Incidentally, the commercial product, DietPower, recently released version 4.4 and is now up to SR19 as well.

  • Hi I guess the way it’s set up was a little confusing for me. Raw and cooked aren’t necessarily side by side. But I did look again and it doesn’t have sunflower sprouts or a few other things. I did notice that b vitamins are destroyed when cooking. Also that cashews have 600% of the rda of copper in a cup. This could be hazardous to someone if they ate them a lot or couldn’t get rid of the copper due to Wilsons disease. I’d love to find a reference that had a chart that listed the basic vegetables cooked and raw to show what happens to the vitamins also canned vegetables and bean lose their b vitamins. It is s neat program though.

  • Okay I see what you’re saying. Yeah you’re right there probably isn’t a lot of data for things like sunflower sprouts. maybe it’s out there but no one has taken the time to collate it all.

    That would be cool to have all the nutrient horizontal bars and then click ‘cook food’ and watch the change in nutrient levels. (also wouldn’t it be great if it would do things like pesticide levels, phytic acid, etc.)

    Pesticide levels would be funny, because you’d have to enter the country of origin of the food. Or the state. Plus I’m sure a lot of countries use pesticides that are illegal here. (But then ship them here.) Still though it would be cool to see your daily pesticide and heavy metal exposure.

    So I guess we need a raw add on. There’s something too, in a perfect avocado or dried calimyrna fig that can’t be quantified with a number and bar graph.

  • Hi Avo Cado! I agree with you immensely!

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