More scary news - sorry :(

Look at who owns most of the ‘organic’ companies!…

If it hasn’t happened already they will soon own all of the organic farms as well.


  • Hi Socal,

    this is good info, but it is comforting that as a raw foodist I do not eat any processed food. I live in Italy and we cannot get organic produce here, this is my only regret. I do not know if the stuff I buy at the supermarket or the fruit and veg kiosks is organic or not. I just wash my food really well, pray over it and hope for the best. I used to love soy milk. I now make hemp seed milk and that satisfies my need for something creamy. Everyone living back home in the US is so fortunate. You can go to CSA farms, whole foods, wild oats, local organic markets. We are a bit behind here where I live in Italy but I do my best. Just today I heard of an organic farm that does not sell any of its produce here locally but ships it all up north (I live in Sicily on an island which is poor) I am going there this after noon to see if I can work out a deal with them and get them to sell me a case of fruit and veg. I am so relieved to tell you the truth to no longer be a “slave” of the big corporate multinationals. I never really enjoyed chips, crakcers, soda. I just ate them because I was vegetarian and I figured I deserved to eat some kind of yummy junk as a prize. I never liked it. Being raw has been soooo liberating. Thumbing my nose to Unilever, Nabisco, Pepsico, Cocacola, Nestle and all the other baddies. Thanks again for the info. deasmiles

  • That’s very good info there SocaL. I hadn’t seen anything like it but it’s amazing how that happens.Ultimately if you are vegetarian, you are helping the planet and if you are vegan you are even more so I look at it like that- that if tahini and other vegan products weren’t available at local grocery stores then a lot of people wouldn’t have access and wouldn’t try it as a lifestyle. A lot of people also have to integrate it into their lives with spouses, parents, etc. But growing and making your own will always be superior of course.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yikes! Thanks for the info. Socal!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Great chart. I used to drink Imagine Food’s Rice Dream milk when I dropped dairy from my diet. When Imagine Foods was purchased by Hain’s, I quit that too and went raw about the same time. Hain’s has a bad reputation. It doesn’t matter if these foods are organic, when they’re processed, they’re dead.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Holy cow!!! Good info there, thanks for posting. Sure did catch me on a few of those brands!

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