How do I sun dry tomatoes?

Maybe someone else already asked this question, but I’m wondering on how to do my own sundried tomatoes.

How long will they need to be in the sun? If they aren’t dry after 1 day in the sun, will they ferment or something if I leave them inside on the counter or something until the next day? Should I put something on them, like salt or whatever? How do I know that they are dry enough so that they won’t rot away? Is it enough to cut them in halves, or should they be cut in thinner slices? What is best to put them on – is a plate a bad option, should it be more like dehydrator trays so that the air gets to them from below as well? Won’t the flies and stuff be attracted to them, when “out there in the open”?

If I forgot something, then please add to the list ;-)

Light and love.

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