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Any juicer suggestions?

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone had a juicer suggestion for me? I have pretty much all the other equipment needed for food prep, except for a juicer – which is odd, because this is probably one of the most pivotal components :P

I have a very small house with a very small kitchen, so size is pretty important. I’d love to have that huge champion juicer, or whatever the latest rave is, and don’t mind spending the money, but it just won’t even fit on my counter. So I thought maybe someone knew of a more compact version of a good juicer?

Thanks so much, love you all

chris( )


  • laurajlauraj Raw Newbie

    I have a Breville Juice Fountain which is wonderful for juicing fruits and root veggies. I also have a Greenstar 1000 that I use strictly for juicing dark leafy greens, cereal grasses, and occasionally making pates, sorbets and nut/seed butters. The Breville is taller, the Greenstar longer. Lots of pieces to clean for both, but the Greenstar has more pieces and takes more time to clean. I lay out a small towel for the pieces to dry after I wash them. If you don’t juice a lot of greens, go for the Breville Juice Fountain. It has served me proudly for years now without fail, and is quicker than the Greenstar to use and to clean. But get the Greenstar 1000 (smallest) if you want to juice a lot of greens. I don’t get the impression that the Greenstar would hold up very well to juicing a lot of softer type fruits, and it would take forever. The Breville Juice Fountain is fast and easy.

  • I first bought the Breville but returned it when I found out it could not effectively juice wheatgrass. After researching a few juicers I chose the Omega 8003. It’s pretty quiet and easy to clean. It’s a masticating juicer that won’t heat the juice during the juicing process. You can make nut butters and frozen deserts with it too. I love it!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Just don’t buy a Jack Lalanne juicer! It has too may parts to clean and it’s a centrifugal juicer, it allows too much air in, causing oxidation. Get a masticating juicer if you can.

  • Agreed, on those last two posts. We have, and love, the Omega. And I did notice the Jack Lalanne was kind of funky, and not in a good way!

  • I am looking for a juicer and found two that I will decide from. Does any one have the green star or champion? The green star is more expensive. I’ve heard great feedback for both. Could anyone help me with personal feedback?

  • Lauraj, thanks so much for the response! I’m checking out the Breville Juice Fountain, and have been researching a few others. I hadn’t seen the Breville before, but it looks just like what I need ;) I’ll post back with what I get, and my experience with it. Thanks again, you’re amazing!

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