Gelatinous seeds

Hello friends, I recently bought an organic sprouting mix. The seeds are alfa-alfa, watercress, mustard,clover. I sprouted it as normal seeds but some of them remain gelatinous. Is that all right? Can I eat that? Thank you for advice.


  • Rene,

    Which ones were gelatinous? And yes you can eat the the mixture but not sure how it would taste.

    When I make my Dragon Fax Seed Crackers the whole mixture becomes a huge gelatinous mixture, it’s actually what keeps the crackers together and makes them nice and crispy.

    Guess it depends on you and how your preparing or what ever your preparing with your spouts

  • Hi Bellasera, Don’t know, but not alfa-alfa. Anyway, the mix has fully grown up, the taste is very hot so I’m gonna put in into my vegan sushi rolls.

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