colon hydrotherapist

I am wanting to become a colon hydrotherapist. Do anyone have any advice or insight to where I can go for training? I live in Santa Cruz, CA. This is what I really want to do. I love colonics myself so I would like to share the love with others! Any help would be awesome. Thanks


  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    No one on here is a colon hydrotherapist??

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    there are schools that certify colon hydrotherapists..though i am not sure if you need to also be in another allied health profession to add it to your practice…why dont you ask the person you go to?? or do a google?? kudos to you….i had a few and had horrible experiences and found it among other things, extremely embarrassing….but i know tons of people who love them ;)

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