Raw Food Live

chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

Are you a closet Lois or Clark? You can be a Video Journalist right now!

or… Do you need to know everything that is happening in the entire Raw Food world right this second!!!

There is a new wave sweeping the world!

LIVE video broadcasts over the web directly from your mobile phone.

It’s called Qik! go to… www.qik.com to learn more.

Be a Raw Star! – I’ve already started a group for us Rawbies also. Join the group and be a Videographer. Show off your Raw life to the world LIVE, cover Raw events LIVE for everyone else to see or just film yourself in the Kitchen making your lunch. It’s all gonna’ be great!

Here is the Raw Food Live group link… http://qik.com/groups/1964

ps: excuse my first video, i just wanted to load something to get it started.

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