What if there were recipes with NO: Dates, Cashew, Nama Shoyu & Dehydrating...

Just a observation and question for EVERYONE, I noticed a lot of people’s recipes on Goneraw.com all have dates, cashews, nama shoyu and dehydrating. None of my recipes uses any of those, no dates I use Agave, no cashews I use every other kind of nut, and no dehydrating in ANY of my recipes so they are really raw, fresh, hydrating, (dehydrated and also Autobiography with step-by-step how-to become a successul raw chef/author/selfpublish/marketing is both coming out soon!).

Ok my question is would you prefer recipes that uses Agave over dates? Dates are SUPER EXPENSIVE I don’t know how you all buy and use it so much, plus it is VERY HIGH in sugar content and glycemic index where Agave is very low sugar, easy to use and is cheaper. I hardly eat dates when I do it is 1 or 2 max a day because they are so super sweet but mostly super expensive!

Also Cashews I have my reasons for not eating them I read The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens MD he CLEARLY WARNS the raw community why or why we should not eat Cashews(I am sure in moderation it is ok but most raw recipes there are tons of Cashews in like everything and a lot even if they were ok it is still A LOT OF ONE KIND OF NUT!), he did the lab research, medical and scientific research with data to back it up, so either people have not read this, do not care for the research, ignoring it, or most people tell me “Cashews is so inexpensive and easy to use” yeah and I tell them your health is your most valueable thing and should be promoted and protected it should not matter how inexpensive or easy something is to use or eat if it isn’t the most healthy or good for you why would you do it?

Same with nama shoyu, with Dehydrating I do it for fun but I know people who eat a lot of dehydrated foods and they are very dry, dry looking, dried out, aged, this is because we are supposed to HYDRATE more not DEHYDRATE MORE, meaning we should get more water and liquids from our food not less, most of us are dehydrated and may not be drinking enough water as is, when you eat dehydrated foods you are supposed to drink MORE WATER to compensate…I do make and eat dehydrated foods but only a little and only for fun once in a while…

Just wanted to ask and see people’s answers…

Bryan Au


  • I just got off the phone with my friend and totally funny true story: She is in Phoenix, Arizona on a business trip she is raw and loves to try to find raw organic foods in cooked restaurants if she can’t find a raw or vegan restaurant. She was super happy to find a salad type of place and when she saw the green peas she wondered and aske the waiter if it was “RAW”. He looked at her and said “Why yes it is RAW! We just opened the can and poured it out into the salad bar, we didn’t even have to cook it!”. :D Totally funny true story that happened today, I laughed SO SUPER HARD that was like the most hilarious thing I ever heard, because it was not frozen, or because they did not have to microwave or “cook” it the waiter considered the peas to be “raw” from the can….

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    Raw hugs, Bryan Au

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I use a lot of Nama Shoyu, primarily in Asian dishes, because I like things very salty/savory. I’m not clear what your objections are to nama shoyu, maybe you can explain?

    I don’t use dates very often and if I need to use a sweetener it’s agave. But, since dates are a solid food and agave is a liquid, I don’t consider them interchangeable. For example, a raw nut pie crust wouldn’t have the proper texture using agave syrup instead of dates.

    I probably use cashews a little less often than walnuts and about as often as pine nuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds. There are a couple of cheesy sauces I like that call for cashews.

    But it’s this question that really interests me: ‘if it isn’t the most healthy or good for you why would you do it?’ Probably for the same reason you eat dehydrated foods “for fun once in a while.”

    Speaking for myself only, because I’m not orthorexic. I love food. I love good food. I don’t eat anything that I don’t find delicious. Food to me is more than just fuel. I expect more from eating than just calories and nutrients. I get sensory pleasure from food, I enjoy the social aspects of sharing food with loved ones, I like the creativity and challenge of making food and how I can express myself with it. I get an ego buzz when someone eats a dish I’ve made and says “ooh, it’s so good!”

    I didn’t become a vegetarian or later a vegan for my health, I did it for other reasons, and eating more raw food added another dimension to my enjoyment of food. At the same time, I don’t see myself never having wine with friends or baking cupcakes for my brother’s birthday just because it’s not healthy or good for me. These are things that add a great deal to my life as a whole.

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