Thanksgiving Ideas

sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

Hello, I’ve just created an ebook with recipes for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Some of the recipes included are:-

Cheesy Nori Snax* Cream of Parsnip Soup* Petit Pain (bread basket)* Festive Mince Pies* Pakora* Nutloaf* Irish MacAffee (Raw Irish Cream)* Quiche* Grape Wine* Mushroom Tarts* Tiramisu* Chocolate Torte* Shortbread* Yuletide Cake* ....and many more!



  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Ive got my copy now and I currently have the nut roast in Edwin (my dehydrator) and it smells great and tasted lovely when it went in. Im trying it out before Christmas time.How far in advance could I make this do you reckon and should I dehydrate it first and then fridge it or fridge it first?

    Im planning on making the cake too although probably not the full amount otherwise I will just end up stuffing myself on it!

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