SO excited!

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I found a dehydrator on ebay with adjustable temperature control, under $40, AND it was actually geographically close to me. It arrived yesterday. YAY!! I am so stoked. I’m going shopping after work this afternoon and I plan to start with a sundried tomato bread and some kind of sweetie because I’ve been craving cookies like mad the last few days. I’ll probably make the lemon cookies everyone’s been raving about here.

So, since I’m a complete dehydrator novice, any advice or favorite recipes? I’m rarin’ to go. Wahoo! ;o)



  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi I still need to get into using mine more but I just made pizza crusts with barley and mung beans. You’ll want to add something else in there like garlic, or zuccini for moistness. I should have oiled the outside and shaken on some garlic salt as mine turned out crackery but once I put the sauce on I made it will soak right in so it may be better that they are kind of dry. The mung beans and barley were soaked for a day and a half and I floated the skins off of the mung beans so they were white.

    I can’t stress enough mushrooms! They are pretty fast and so versitle. I made some soaked in tamari (not sure if this is raw) and dehydrated them. I had them in tupperware and my boyfriend was eating them like popcorn! He said they tasted like beef jerky.

    I made a pizza sauce with sundried tomatoes, the dried mushrooms, goji berries, basil, olive oil, and put them in soak water for a day then blended- great!

    Can’t wait to see what you do!

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    ps- Is anyone here against barley? I didn’t know if there was a bad aspect to it or the mung beans- but let me know- my feelings won’t be hurt!

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