Food combining - do raw organic bars cheat?

I have been reading and following Raymond Francis' guidelines on food combining...

This guy (BTW) was the one who became my raw tipping point.

I have his book (it's called 'Never be Sick Again'), but you can also read it online, thanks to Google.,M1

His guidelines are a bit more stringent than I have heard elsewhere.

- Melons always on their own.

- Sweet fruit always on their own (bananas, dates, grapes, etc)

- Acid fruit always alone (apples, berries, pears, etc), mix with protein because of the acid.

- then the usual, starch/protein etc with veggies (yadi yada) on their own

My Q is this - anyone else following this? I have found that I feel better following these guidelines more than doing things like mixing sweet and acid fruit.

However, the organic bars (e.g. Purebar, Rawvolution, etc) - seem to be shamelessly flouting these rules...

Am I correct - or am I just in need of enlightenment?

derryckl2 (aka derryckl)

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