Is my dehydrator broken?

Vegan GoddessVegan Goddess Raw Newbie

I read somewhere that you can "warm up" foods by putting it in the dehydrator for a half hour.

Well, I just got my dehydrator off Ebay and it's been working great. Then, today I put a clay plate full of dehydrated raw chili and some raw cornbread I made yesterday for about 40 minutes. It came out COLD!

I checked and sure enough, the temperature read 115 degrees. Did I do something wrong or did I burn my dehydrator out?

Feeling worried about my D : (


  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    Broken... You Should Always Buy 'New' Or at least 'Factory Reconditioned' They Usually Come with Some Kind Of a warranty... As Far as Ebay Goes I Hate Paypal... I have Personally Been Ripped of Twice using it... Once for $137.00 and Once for $68.00... Paypal NEVER Reimburses You For Your Loss...

  • Vegan GoddessVegan Goddess Raw Newbie

    Thankfully, the seller is a decent and kind person and is refunding me for the dehydrator. All is not lost : )

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