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Any fellow Raw foodists in NYC/NJ?

I was wondering if there are any fellow raw foodists in nyc or nj area as I’d love to meet and share/learn from one another and our journey of being raw and what not. Perhaps meeting up at union square or central park or something. All my buds in my industry are foreign to the whole concept of organic raw food, alternative medicine, and such so it would be nice to find some fellow buds that hold the same values to get to know.


  • devittlesdevittles Raw Newbie

    i’m in nyc. there are free talks/tastings every tuesday night at 7(i think) at jubb’s longevity in the east village.

  • Im in Westchester Co.- about 30 minutes from Manhattan.. does that count? lol

  • I live in Brooklyn. There’s a raw food meetup that gets together a couple of times a month here, and I believe we are having a July 4th picnic/potluck at Central Park.

  • Anybody know any Raw food talks in Boston?

  • Oh yeah!! I am glad to hear that a few of you not far away from me. Al- I am sorry I missed seeing the message in time about the picnic- but being as it rained today- maybe its just as well. Devittles- do you have the address for jubb’s longevity? Perhaps a few of us could meet up at bonobos or central park or something?

  • Yeah, meeting at CP would be fun! Luckily me managed to avoid the rain for most of the day today, it actually ended up holding out until we were about to leave. We meet once a month or so, so be sure to check meetup.com for the next date. :)

  • devittlesdevittles Raw Newbie

    Jubb’s Longevity

    508 E 12TH St New York, NY 10009-3812

    Phone: (212) 353-5000

  • devittles- I was so excited the other night- I happened upon Jubb’s Longevity on my way to caravan of dreams. The food is very tasty. Charles suggested I do a coffee enema and I was there for the raw food talk yesterday- not quite what I was expecting but good company there.

  • devittlesdevittles Raw Newbie

    That place is one of a kind! I have done the gallbladder/liver cleanse with lifefood soups that Jubb writes about in his book. That’s were I “learned” about the coffee enema; that’s a one of a kind experience too! haha

    I also recommend it.

    Their food is expensive, but very tasty. The soups are out of this world, as are the chia parfaits (like raw vegan tapioca pudding) and the pizza bread.


  • I’m in Montclair, NJ. Bonobos in NYC is REALLY good. Like a more expensive Salad Works, but with nut pates, nori rolls, and desserts. For $30 my boyfriend and I made pigs of ourselves.

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I live in Long Branch, NJ but I’m moving to Staten Island soon.

  • Devittles- I was encouraged to do the liver/gallbladder flush by Jubb’s buds and him- so I’ve been undergoing it- my first enema- I told marina- I dont know if I did it right b/c I only got halfway through the stuff in like 3hrs and I am still experiencing oddly enough constipation- I am keeping at it though.

    Btw- does anybody know of any female raw foodists looking for a roommate for their apt starting august 1? I want to surround myself with like minded, good energy individuals while trying to live in the city or nj and my apt thing where I am at is only temporary so any leads- let me know.


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