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Transition period

blizzful7blizzful7 Raw Newbie

How many of you are 100% Raw? I know that each person is different, but I'm curious about transition periods. I've attempted to eat 100% raw a few times, only to give up. I tend to "throw the baby out with the bath water" saying that if it's not 100%, it's not worth it. I know that's illogical. Hearing about other's experience may help me be a little patient with myself.


  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    I am running 95%, except the week where I was closing on my new house/moving/thanksgiving where I probably dropped to 85% for the week. I expect to be 100% when I run out of balsamic vinegar and the Life's Basic plant protein supplement I am using.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    It might be helpful to read some of the forums where this topic has already been discussed, just use the search box if you don't want to look through all the forums in each catagory...

    The only non-raw items I use at this time are spices...

  • Why is it important to be 100% raw? -- just be healthy. I am I guess about 85% raw

  • this is my third attempt it having a transition into a raw lifestyle. this time around i'm going 80%. i got the idea from a david wolfe video. he had a good point that 100% raw could set up a dichotomy. however, i respect that everyone makes the best decision for their lifestyle.

  • EloisaEloisa Raw Newbie

    I'm an all or nothing person also. So most days I'm 100%, but every now and then I have given into a craving of some sort, which leads to dissappointment with myself. I know I am way too hard on myself about it if I'm not 100%, but I can't help it. I just think and feel that if I know other things are bad for my health/body, why do I keep eating them?? But it all takes time, patience and self-control. The most I've gone 100% is a week, and then I gave in. I'm striving for 100% solid though.

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    It is 'Probably' Totally Impossible to be 100% Sure of the "100% Raw" Thing, Because some of the stuff you use for condiments, For instance, is more than likely 'Processed' In One Form Or Another... I Mean Lets Face it, if 80% of your diet is 100% Raw, You are Way Ahead of the game in terms of the health of the rest of the American Population... And Holding to that 80% is Very Easy to do... Saying that, when I am alone I never cook anything and EVERYTHING is Raw. If I go to a Restaurant with a Friend I Get a Salad... But If I go to someone's house for the Holidays I take an "Obligatory Bite" of The Dreaded "Cooked Food"... Hell, Even a Bite of the Bird, But I don't be myself up about it... I just wake up the next morning and Carry On... As far as getting Sick Goes, That NEVER happens. I've been taking Herbal For the Last 35 or so Years, So I guess they've done there Work Well because I Feel Great... Raw Or Not!

    Oh, Yea... There are something's I am Just Not willing to Give up... I'm Italian and I've been Drinking Red Wine Since I was a kid When my GrandFather and I Would sit down at The table and Drink Wine and Eat Olives with Italian Bread... That's something I'll do until the Day I Die... Whether It Kill Me Or Not!

  • I drink green smoothies every morning and for dinner. For lunch i eat my regular foods. Still pretty healthy. Is this ok or should i be eating more? I also have two snacks a day. Like fruit or veggies. What do u think?

  • I drink green smoothies every morning and for dinner. For lunch i eat my regular foods. Still pretty healthy. Is this ok or should i be eating more? I also have two snacks a day. Like fruit or veggies. What do u think?

  • kthornton19kthornton19 Raw Newbie

    I'm guessing about about 90-95% raw at this point...mainly because I have yet to find a raw salad dressing I like so I usually use the SAD version of ranch. Every once in awhile I'll have some beans or some raw fish (I'm a sushi addict!)...but even with the very rare indulgence of SAD food I feel amazing after being on the raw diet for about two weeks now...it's definitely one of the best choices I've made in my life!

  • Raw fish... weird to see people throw the veganism out the door. I am 90 percent raw.

  • kthornton19kthornton19 Raw Newbie

    IWWkevin -- I was never a vegan to begin with. I'm just trying to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle. I'm sure people argue whether or not raw fish is healthy or not, but I love it and will occasionaly indulge.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    reciprocipe: "Why is it important to be 100% raw? -- just be healthy. I am I guess about 85% raw"


    Being "healthy" may mean something different with each person.

    If you want 100% of the benefits of raw, you can't be 80%, does that make sense? I've been 100%, or "all" raw and there's a huge difference in the way I feel from when I add in just a little bit of cooked.

    There's no right or wrong way to eat raw when it comes to percentages, but the general idea is that the results you get are based on how much raw you are willing to eat.

    Also your body will absorb and use nutrients more efficiently when you are all raw. Even if you are eating 1-5% of transitional foods such as spices/seasonings, extracts, agave, soy sauce, oils, packaged "superfoods", cacao, dehydrated foods etc, which are questionable as they aren't truly *fresh* raw foods, if you ever decide to remove them completely from your diet the difference you feel will be like night and day. Because your body no longer has its guard up to work to protect it from the minute amount of cooked/transitional foods, it will open itself up to and receive the fresh foods, which will give you faster and fuller results.

    No pressure, just knowledge - knowing that by eating an all raw diet will benefit you the most is the important thing, it's something you can try or work up to if you feel led to.

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