Nama Shoyu Storage

Ive always stored nama shoyu in the pantry, but one of my friends told me it should go in the fridge! Maybe since it contains active enzymes and probiotics it should.... any thoughts?


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    I have never used it, but I would think.... Like most things, after opening, refrigerate... Doesn't it say on the bottle???

  • It doesn't say to refrigerate it. Thats one reason I never have!

  • I always put mine in a fridge, although it doesn't say it on the label.

    Just to be on the safer side.

  • I also keep mine in the fridge, once it's opened. *

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I don't. I figure the saltiness is some sort of preservative.

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