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My first dehydrator creation :o)

jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

Lemme start out by saying it’s not that fabulous. But it IS edible, and I shall eat it. Hehe… I tried making a bread/cracker thing (I left it open to the universe whether it would be bread or crackers, depending on how it turned out when it was done ;o). I used soaked sundried tomatoes, soaked sunflower seeds, flax meal, red onion, chili powder, italian seasoning, sea salt and carrot juice. Flavor-wise it turned out pretty yummy, actually, but the texture is a little on the weird side. It’s kinda rubbery. Like thick fruit leather, only with a savory tomatoey flavor. I’m not sure if I should have made it thicker or thinner, dehydrated longer or less, or if I’m just not accustomed to dehydrated crackery-bready things yet. I’ll be trying again, of course. That new cheezit recipe here looks mighty tasty!

I was also thinking about marinating and dehydrating some veggies, like zuccini and mushrooms (I have a lot of both just hanging out in my fridge right now). I haven’t looked at any recipes here yet but I will. If anyone has any favorite marinades, let me know.

This is such a fun adventure! :o)


  • Congratulations on your first creation. I am waiting for my dehydrator to arrive and look forward to making some creations myself. I remember my very first creation with a dehydrator…I took some carrot juice and mixed it with coconut milk and raw almond butter and it came out totally weird and tasted rather disgusting actually..it also looked pretty appauling…I am going to follow some recipes 1st before I try creating my own…but it never hurts to experiment.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Jenergy! I made something like tempura. Zuchini sticks rolled in flax, ginger, onion, and garlic powder. Dehydrate for appx 5-8 hours. Dip in soy or mustard sauce.

    I also saw a recipe that used slices of zuchini made with a potato peeler combined with small pieces of asparagus as an interesting salad with a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic.

    I was thinking about trying shredded zuchini just by itsself in little round croquettes flavored with a little olive oil and garlic. What I have found with zuchini is that if you make “chips” they turn out super small between a dime and nickle size which seems too small for dippin’ so cut them lengthwise to make stick shapes. anything you put them in really loses a lot of volume.

    If you dehydrate mushrooms season them and watch them because they get done a lot faster than you think and you don’t want them to turn into powder!

    I was also thinking about making a kind of beef jerky with zuchini and mushrooms, garlic and red pepper and shaped into sticks. I haven’t tried this yet. GOod luck!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    write eternity, how come you are hogging the tempura recipe top yourself! ;) I love tempura or the crunch of it anyway its one of the things i have to cut out of my diet to acheive 100% rawness! please post! jenergy sounds like you need to add less liquid and dry it longer! i find soaked and dehdrated nuts make the best”flour” for dry creations. if you want moist use less nuts and more veggies…do you like zuccini bread? my experiment with it turned out pretty good….

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    LOL! Forrest, your first creation sounds so funny… I’ve come up with some real doozies experiment-wise myself. Come to think of it, it’s all an experiment isn’t it? Sometimes my husband looks at the food I’m about to eat and just shakes his head… he’ll eat raw, but he prefers things in their natural state, like an apple or an ear of corn, bowl of green beans, that kinda thing. The recipes gross him out. ;o)

    Oh my god, writeeternity, you weren’t kidding about the zucchini chips… I dehydrated some overnight and this morning they’re all these TINY little things… hehehe! They’re cute, but not exactly much of a snack. ;o) I think I’ll try that tempura recipe today, it sounds fabulous – for the mustard sauce, would you use dry mustard powder in with some soaked nuts or seeds? I have a lot of zucchini right now. We get a weekly produce delivery from a local organic farm, and they’ve started adding zucchini in with all the greens. Yay! Now I’m still dying for tomatoes to come in… ;o) Summer produce rocks.

    Omshanti, I was wondering about the liquid content in my, um, “bread.” I had to add quite a bit of the carrot juice to get it all to homogenize in my food processor… I’m going to kill that poor thing before too long, I use it so much. Maybe then I can talk my husband into getting a Champion! Heh… my mom has a Vitamix and I like it a lot, but it seems to me like the Champion might have more functions. Besides, I can’t keep running over to Mom’s every time I want to blend something up! ;o)

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    jenergy, i have this tiny nut chopper thingy (mini processor) and a vita mix,coffee grinder and some sharp knives! the vita mix is great! in my bread recipe i chopped the veggies in the chopper then mixed it by hand with the ground nuts from the coffee grinder! for the cheezits i threw it all into the blender! vitamix’s rock!!! oh and when cutting veggies for the dehydrator try to cut on an angle or the long side to have more surface area that way they dont turn into “buttons”! ;)

  • When I make crackers I grind in food processor 1 raw almonds(soaked or not), And 1 cup of flaxseeds, until fine. You can add water 2 cups with flax almond meal in food processor or just in a bowl and stir by hand will be thick not runny.Dehydrate for 3-4 hours flip, and dehydrate for 12 more hours or so. They are easy and cheap, and you can dip them in water ever, I love to put raw almond butter and a sliced of banana on yop for a sweet treat,.

  • wanna_B_rawwanna_B_raw Raw Newbie

    smidbrod: Do the crackers come out crispy? My 1st dehydrator creation was crackers, but they were kinda chewy and bland… Thanks.

  • did you flip them and put them right on the mesh after about 3-4 hours, that helps me. I notice if the recipe calls for alot of veggies too, they take a lot longer, and will have a more chewy consistancy. You can add any spice you want to the recipe i had above really good with Curry, And don’t be shy, I usually add 1 palmful of dry spice or 2 of fresh, but since you are dehydrating them I always use dry and save my fresh herbs for salads and othere fresh items.

  • wanna_B_rawwanna_B_raw Raw Newbie

    I did flip them. In 3-4 hours? I don’t know..Maybe the sundried tomatoes made it chewier?? Is your recipe tasty and crispy?

  • I posted them as No-Wheat Thins because plain they taste pretty close to the real thing, add alittle seasalt to the top. But ass a base for spices it works well, I haven’t tried adding sundried tomatoes, or any veggies to the base. Myabe even try just flax, yesterday I made crackers with 2 cups falx seed ground up, 2.5 cups of water, and 1 palmful of cajun seasoning. Very crispy and good. I find the simple recipes work best for me! Good Luck!

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