my little local paper!

My local paper has an entertainment/dining "extra" that they put in everyone's mailbox-even if you don't subscribe to the paper. 1000s and 1000s of people get this with their mail delivery. I usu use it for my wood stove, but this time the title caught my eye. It was about having a vegetarian christmas. It went on about tofurkey, etc-BUT then EVERY RECIPE that followed was RAW! There was Raw Sweet Potato Pie, Cranberry relish, Mashed Potatoes and mushroom gravy! They never even mentioned RAW as a lifestyle choice. I think it was BRILLIANT. If they had gone on and on about raw vegan they would have turned *many* people off with the first few lines, but they just talked about veggism and then included only raw recipes. I am SO happy to see this in my little New England town.

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