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Hi RawKidChef!

I was wondering, how on earth did you get the idea to have your cat be raw? I think that is AWESOME! Our family has three cats, not raw, but I was wondering what does your cat eat, and is it kinda expensive? I was thinking (if it's not too expensive) maybe our cats could try it :-)




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    hi cranberry! I've had cats forever and started the whole raw thing for cats a very long time ago with our previous cats, but not the whole prey idea. Then we found out about the whole prey idea from and ordered some whole mice and chicks online. They are a bit expensive but the changes are so incredible that it's worth it. Blueberry is a totally different cat than she was even eating the ground raw meat. The chicks and other prey you can get at and the mice from The idea of feeding whole frozen animals can take a little to get used to but it gives them optimal health. Versus the ground meat, the whole is much more balanced with the right amount of bones, organ meat, and flesh meat. I'm sure your cats will love it, it may take a little getting used to for them but the has a long guide on how to get them used to it.

  • i feed my cat aunt jeni's raw cat food. it's not that expensive and already mixed and measured with the right balance of protein, veggies, & such. the meat and veggies are ground up and it resembles traditional wet food except that it is raw, whole food goodness. i do, however, think it is more ideal for them to eat the whole animal themselves. they get to clean their teeth naturally by tearing the flesh themselves and get the whole range of nutrition. they would also need access to grasses and a variety of different animals and fish, of course. aunt jeni's is good as a transitional food, in that sense. if my cat's teeth were in better shape (i got her on raw when she was already older and with less teeth than in her younger years) i think i would use aunt jeni's as a back up and just get her super fresh whole hens and sashimi and such.

    check out the aunt jeni's. also the book "the natural cat" by anitra frazier has some recipes for making raw cat food yourself.

    and by the way, my sweet cat's litter box hardly smells at all with the raw food. big bonus.

  • Wow, cool!!!! Thanks RawKidChef!!!!!! I'll take a look at both of those websites :-)

    And thanks tagerina, that book looks really neat :-) I'll tell my Mom about it, and hopefully we can get a copy.

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