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Entertaining in the Raw by Matthew Kenney!

I just found out about his new upcoming book. According to Amazon, it will be released on Mar 1, 2009! I'm looking forward to it!!

Joyce :-)



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    her book with matthew kenney, "101 ways to get the glow" was the book that got me interested in a raw lifestyle. cannot wait to see her solo book! cool. i'm a fan of a few things. i'm most definetly a fan of that book. looking forward to the new one.

  • I liked their first book also. I have eaten at Pure Food and Wine more then a few times and can't exactly say Sarma gives off a good impression. The restaurant is great and the food is also great but she seems like she is stuck up. She does not go to any of the tables or even smile at her patrons. She pretty much stands there with an unpleasant look on her face. It is a fairly small place and it doesn't seem that it would be much of a hardship for her to walk around to tables and greet her patrons or at least look like she is happy that you are there. She may not be nasty or ungratefull but its definitely the impression she is giving off. The times I have been there I felt unwanted.

  • My MIL very kindly gave me a signed copy of Matthew Kenney's recent book (can't remember the name). It's beautifully produced, however I was truly shocked at how many recipes contained copious amounts of cashews. The recipes were also extremely intricate and expensive to make. Also, he uses maple syrup and other non-raw ingredients quite frequently. Sorry to say I haven't used it once.

  • True, the recipes are usually very expensive to make and they do use non raw ingredients. However I can say that any recipe I made from his first book with Sarma came out excellent. I have had bad experiences with many recipe books.

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    Well if you have read her blog then you really get the impression that she is crazy! I found your impressions of her at the restaurant very interesting and not surprising at all. In one post she writes that she went to her friends restaurant and ate some veal or something like that and then titled it "I'm going to Raw Hell". She seems like she has kinda fallen off the health wagon. And what a drama queen. I don't really read the blog anymore cause it's too much

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    It's really refreshing when someone comes out and says what I have been thinking, when I've been trying to think positively and be forgiving but just been getting wishy vibes.

  • I just got this book in the mail yesterday. Wow is all I can say!! I'm very excited about it!! The recipes in this book are surely decadent ,over-the-top, expensive and full of nuts and coconuts. But these are special occasion recipes. Beautiful gorgeous meals you want to make for things like weddings, fancy dinner parties or just a romantic special candle lit dinner for two.

    Matthew's new recipe book is surely not for every raw foodist with all the non-raw ingredients and the complexity of the recipes. But this book does have a niche audience! I want to be able to make amazingly tasteful and gorgeous food that will knock the socks off the pickiest and most resistant SAD eaters :-) I want to show people and say, 'why eat SAD when you can eat like this? Like a king! '

    The recipes and photos look absolutely amazing, stunning really! He is a gifted raw chef and his food is a work of art. ....And please don't forget that even those not-so-raw ingredients he sometimes uses are all VEGAN. So this decadent food is full of compassion and is cruelty free on top of being lovely! To me that is so exciting and wonderful. I could almost weep!

    That's just my 2 cents :-)


    ps - there are also a lot of very exotic recipes and ingredients I have never heard of in his new book from all over the world. I was reading the book last night and found it to be so interesting and inspiring. No doubt I'll be looking up some things on the internet , researching some exotic nuts and veggies, and even special ordering some fussy yet fun ingredients. Definitley some challenges with some of the recipes but I sometimes I need a good challenge. I guess I'm ready for a new raw book that goes beyond the normal pizza, zucchini pasta, romaine lettuce wraps, etc.....His 'Everyday Raw' does a great job covering foods that mimic SAD favorites. And that's all good too! :-)

  • Interesting feedback on her restaurant. I have been following her blog too and have been dying to eat there! There are two raw restaurants in Toronto, but both are very much catered to the "granola" vibe (which definitely describes me to a certain extent - Dont' get me wrong! ) but doesn't interest my non-raw friends (kind of intimidates them I think) I really wanted to eat at a restaurant that has a more modern vibe and elegant settings but serves raw food. I applaud her efforts in bringing raw food to a different demographic.

    Good to know - thanks for the comment ddigiacomo! It is not a nice feeling when you don't feel welcome at a restaurant - been there! I have been wanting to hear other people's opinions on her restaurant (true reviews).

  • No prob Emma! Maybe I am a little picky because I come from a family of resturanteurs and I have been in the customer service business all my life. I also own my own business and I take customer service very seriously. She does give off a nasty impression. I was even standing next to her at the bar waiting one time and I smiled at her (which I do to everyone that I meet their gaze) and she didn't even smile back. She kind of acted like she thought she was a celeb that was being constantly bombarded by paparazzi and was sick of it. The only thing I can tell you is that the food is good. There are also a few other raw places within walking distance, with good food, but not as gourmet as pure food and wine. I still say its worth a try.

  • Wow. Who are we to judge someone's entire character from a one-time interaction or through a few interviews distributed on the internet? I'm not going to say she's this fantastic person; I'm not going to say she's a witch either. I don't know the lady. If anybody wants to judge on my own one-time interaction, I will say that I received two emails in response from her and both were very appreciative and cordial (and sane). I'll also throw in that I'm saddened this thread got hijaked to discuss the personalities and personal relationships between two obviously very talented chefs.... just a reminder, folks: there are at least two sides to every story.

    Meanwhile, back on the topic this thread was originated with.... I'm very excited to hear positive reviews about Entertaining in the Raw! I was eagerly awaiting it to arrive in stores on March 1st and none in my nearby vicinity seem to be carrying it - in fact, Border's claims it won't be out until APRIL 1st! So I ordered it through Amazon and am expecting it's arrival either today or tomorrow. I will say that through the "look inside this book" feature in Amazon, Borders.com and google, I have seen a number of mouth-watering delights. I can't wait to get my hands on this book! I'm sure I can wow my raw-enthusiast and raw-skeptical friends with it. :-)

  • From experience in the traditional music world, I've know some famous musicians who have come across the exact way some of you are describing Sarma above. When I got to meet and know a few of these folks, I found them to be quite lovely people. Some were just extremely shy, some were just dealing with deep personal struggles, and for some it was just a coping mechanism.......We all have our issues and none of us are perfect. We haven't walked in Sarma's shoes nor have we met her (I'm assuming)......so......maybe we could give her the benefit of the doubt. How do you know she's not reading this thread??? Would you talk like that in person if you knew she might be listening? I'm not trying to scold, really I'm not :-)........ I just feel compassionate towards her as she has feelings too. I read a little of her blog and it seems she struggles with life's issues and obstacles like the rest of us. It's awfully brave of her to post like that on her blog.

    Anyhoo.....I just had to get that off my chest! :-) I really look forward to Sarma's new book!

  • I went to Pure Food and Wine once at the actual dinner spot and a few times to the takeaway. It was good when I was a new raw foodie, but when you're seasoned and "clean," you can tell it's not all-raw and too fatty and uses too many spices, bad food combos. Your poop will stink if you get some of the more extravagant items and not just simple salads. The fresh juices = excellent. You just have to learn as you go what you can order at a "raw" restaurant and whatnot.

    I have also talked to two former employees who say not everything is raw; and also, we know maple sugar is not raw, which is used to sweeten a lot, if not all, of their desserts.

    But whatever, the food tastes good and is mostly raw and people like it. If people eat more non-animal products (well, I guess some items contain honey, but if people eat more non-meat and dairy and egg), the better. I will get the uncookbook when it comes out as I am a "cookbook" collector, having about 285 cookbooks, most vegan, maybe 15 raw.

  • Oh thank you Fuzzywater for your post!!!!

    You'll love the book!!! Truly amazing!!!

    Cheers :-)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    superfood, you have 285 cookbooks? holy cow. I only have raw cookbooks - i own 6. I plan to own every published raw cookbook available!! I simply cannot wait. I ask for them as gifts, buy them when i have spare cash, and LOVE to browse through them. Right now, I have matthew kenny's first book and LOVE LOVE it. his mac and cheese recipe is outta this world. i can't wait to get entertaining in the raw. Thanks for the glowing review joyce - you're like i am, you love to make gourmet food for special occasions. For example, it's a thursday night - i think i'll make myself a special gourmet thursday dinner to celebrate that i'm living LIVE eating WELL and staying HAPPY! Thanks universe, for bringing me raw cacao butter and irish moss and coconut butter in the mail today. Let the gourmet celebration begin!

  • Awesome Winona! Today is a great day to celebrate. My day will be this Saturday! Can't wait :-)

  • So, happily, my book arrived last night. Unfortunately, I didn't get all that much time to read it yet. However, I agree that most of the recipes are fairly heavily laden with coconut, cacao powder, maple syrup and cashews, etc - so high fat and high cost. But it is meant to be for special occasions, so I'm fine with that. And some of the components of the recipes sound like they will be nice for other occasions.

    My only real frustration is the editing. I wish the editor had done a better job. For example, many times the ice cream and chocolate sauce recipes are identical (or nearly) from one recipe to another. Why does one recipe reference another recipe while a different recipe reprints the ingredients? Also, there are some things, like "cashew flour" and "oat flour" that are frequently used in the recipes, but there is no guideline as to how these are made. Having some experience in this realm, I can extrapolate that "cashew flour" is finely ground cashews. Similarly, I'd assume, would be the almond flour. However, almond flour could also be the solids leftover from almond milk, or the solids that are then dehydrated and ground. And oat flour? Is this made from oat groats (frequently steamed, I know) or from raw rolled oats ground up in a food processor? Some things are referenced in multiple recipes, but only explained in one - and not the first one, as you'd expect. There doesn't seem to be a glossary either. I suppose my basic complaint is that due to the editing, some of the recipes are not entirely clear.

    Now, having said that, don't get me wrong: I am loving this book and I cannot wait to try some things out! When I do, I'll let people know how the end results are. :-) Meanwhile, if you have some experience with fairly complex raw recipes, I'd definitely recommend this book!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I love complex recipes. Bring it ON! I'm planning to make the vanilla-chocolate-peanut butter swirl cake from the "I am Grateful" cookbook. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    I sympathize, fuzzywater. I hate it when people don't clarify - also about nuts. soaked or unsoaked? etc.

    HIgh cost and high calorie is fine by me, as long as it taste awesome.

  • oooh the Mudslide pie! Do let us know how it turns out :-) I'm going to finally make the mint chocolate swirl cheesecake in Sweet Gratitude for a bit of a St Patty's day theme (cheezy I know! but it will be fun and a good laugh). It looks so pretty in the book photo!

    I'm actually going to make the gnocchi in Matthew's new book next weekend (for my B-day). Hope I can wait that long! This weekend I'm sort of commited to making a raw version of a big Irish breakfast on Saturday night. My husband has been interested in a raw tofu scramble.

    Here's the menu:

    Portobello Sausages from Everyday Raw for the blood sausages (ick!!!)

    Scrambled raw tofu from Everyday Raw for the eggs (wish Matthew gave more instructions for the Irish moss)

    marinated tomatoes for the fried tomatoes

    Mess O'Collard salad just to make it pretty and a bit more heatlhy.

    I was thinking of also making the eggplant bacon for Irish rashers but I get overwhelmed easily with too much stuff. (rashers are thick slices of bacon the Irish eat for breakfast. Also icky!!!!!)

    So next week I'll start with Matthew's new book! Exciting to finally make a good raw gnocchi recipe as they are my favorite in the cooked world!!!

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I am soo excited about the new book I just alter what I dont like in the recipes and I find its the base ideas that appeal to me. About the whole Sarma gossip I think its a little harsh to judge someone for only a couple meetings or pass bys in a restaraunt I too have worked in customer service and sometimes if your life is in turmoil or you have personal stresses it can show on your face and vibe it does not necessarily mean your stuck up etc sometimes it has nothing to do with everyone else I mean maybe she went thru a loss or something else.

    Try not to put those unnecessary judgements out there or people will be doing it right back at you and hey we cant all be bubbly perfect all the time.

    But GO RAW FOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Ah yes, the mudslide pie - that's exactly the one i'm thinking of!! Ani Phyo has a breakfast scramble in her book - i haven't tried it. Matthew Kenny's is the one where you make the cashew-coconut 'tofu' first, right??

    I want to give the porto sausages a shot. I loooove mushrooms. Do report on how those recipes turn out - on your blog, i love reading it.

  • Yes, Ani Phyo's scramble is also very good. I made it probably over a year ago when I first got the book. The raw tofu scramble dish in Matthew Kenney's book is the one I'm going to attempt this Saturday.

    I'll definitely get some photos up on the blog. :-)

    Happy Friday!!! (TGIF)

  • Fuzzy I have had about 6 interactions with her not one. Also if you read my post I say that she may not be any of those negative things but its the impression she gives off. Not sure if your comment was directed at mine but just clarifying.

  • Well, here goes folks.... I have the truffle mixture in the freezer firming up to make the Mesquite-Maca Truffles (although I may make a version with lucuma in addition to/instead of the mesquite.... not a big fan) and I have the tart crusts for his Mediterranean Tarts(nut crusts filled with hummus and topped with tomatoes, drizzled with a green olive tapenade) in the dehydrator. Pretty excited about it all... especially since Hubby will be back tomorrow night, which should time it just right for finishing the tarts. :-) Woohoo!

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with this book. I do wish some of the directions were a little more clear and it would be nice to have a glossary or some kind of reference as to what he means when he refers to "1/2 cup carrageen" or "4 cups oat flour" but I think most of us can extrapolate. Or do our own research. Whatever. One thing I did find kind of interesting as I read through the book was that most of it doesn't seem ALL THAT complicated. Many of the components are fairly easy and versatile. The hummus in the above Mediterranean Tarts will be nice on a later day as a dip for some fresh veggies or maybe in a wrap.... hmmm. Yum. I'll post again after they're done to let everyone know how they turned out.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i'm curious about the tofu, joyce. i'll be checking your blog. i have the irish moss and i'm eager to use it. it's high in iron too.

  • Hi Bitt, the tofu scrambler is awesome!!!!! OMG (and the possibilities are endless as I love tofu dishes and tofu scrambles!) We both loved it! I'm so happy that my picky husband was so enthusiastic about it too. It's a brilliant and simple recipe. I gave notes about the Irish Moss on by blog which is the trickiest part of the whole recipe


    Next weekend I hope to make some gnocchi from Matthew's new book! Very Exciting!!!

    Cheers! :-)


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Wow Joyce! Your blog is awesome!

    Now I feel like making that Mint-Chip Cheesecake.


  • Hi Greenghost! Glad you like the blog :-). We had fun doing a St Patty's day theme. Do let us know how you like the mint chip cheesecake if you make it.

  • umm fuzzy can I come to your house to eat? lol. Did those recipes cost you a fortune? My mouth is watering and im in the middle of a master cleanse so its even worse =(

  • LOL ddigiacomo. I guess I should note one other thing about the new book..... the portions tend to be fairly large (which makes sense for a book that focuses on *entertaining*). So for both the mediterranean tarts and the truffles, I cut the recipes way down.... probably by half for the tarts and by 1/4 to an 1/8 for the truffles. So no, it didn't cost too much. But man, oh man, both of those recipes were great!!! Both wowed my hubby and a few coworkers. :-) Highly recommended.

  • Hi Fuzzywater, glad to hear the med tarts turned out so well. I was thinking that recipe would be a good one for us as well! And you used Lucuma in lieu of the mesquite in the truffles? I like maca and lucuma but haven't tried mesquite yet.

    I can't wait to make the arugula gnocchi this weekend for my birthday, also from his new book! For dessert I'm going to treat ourselves to 'Sweet Gratitude's' Tiramisu! Life is good being raw !!!! :-)



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