young coconuts at tescos, uk raw foodies!

ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

Yup, Tescos are now selling green young coconuts. The really good green ones from Costa Rica, not the tampered with white Thai ones, they’re 99p each but we got them reduced, i mean they aren’t selling,,,”normal” people don’t know what to do with them do they???


  • hi there! i too was pretty surprised and excited when i discovered this on wednesday! my face must have been quite funny, as the thai lady next to me struck up conversation and we ended up chatting for ages, she is a yoga teacher…but yes

    when i cut mine open it was VERY full of liquid, but it wasn’t the tastiest one i’ve had, and had hardly any meat.

    you can buy the same kinds in my local indian market stall but only once a week. and theyre 50p more. oh the joy of tesco (!)

    but yes, its still pretty cool :D (look out for mangosteen too. the cashiers almost always look very confused. this often results in them putting it through as something else, which at the time meant discount, yay!)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I normally buy them from the Indian shop, and I feel so torn and guilty for going to Tescos instead…I still get a crate of fresh dates from the Indian shop every couple of weeks though. Yes I saw the mangosteen, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I like to get the Sharon Fruit, no-one ever buys them they are always 10p reduced down from

  • hehe yes, even before i ate raw, buying a plantain always got the most confused reactions. i’ve got some of the sharon fruits here, perfectly ripe and insanely cheap, it’s madness!

    i too feel awful going to tesco for some things..(and generally tesco doesn’t make you feel good anyway hehe) but it has it’s place, as its there.., the people at my indian market are just so lovely though, the first time i went there the lady in front had one of the giant (forget the name..) papayas, and she changed her mind and said she didn’t want it. the stallholder held it and cradled it like a baby and said “are you sure? it speaks to you when you are lonely!” whilst stroking it…i just laughed so much

    anyway, i just pop into all the supermarkets and see what i can find cheaply and if they have any special things in. i think i enjoy it far too much. i wonder how long the coconuts will last!

    courgettes as leeks! oh my. that reminds me of when i was about 11, talking to a girl and she’d never heard of courgette (and didnt know crisps were potatoes..). that’s when i started to realise the world’s eating habits are mad.

    (sorry, i could talk about fruit for hours!)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    at my local Indian shop when I get a big box of the little, yellow, sweet as honey mangoes the man opens the box and goes through the mangoes picking out any not absolutely perfect ones and replacing them with perfect ones from other boxes…now they don’t do that at tescos do they? I love food shopping so much since I went raw, it is one of my favourite things which is just as well as I go every day!

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