raw transition for a 7 & 9 year old

I have been into raw foods for over 2 years. I've waxed and waned as to the amount of raw I'm eating. For the past month and a half, I've been 99% raw. I have two children, 7 & 9 years old. They are very health eaters (mostly) compared to your average American child. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for transitioning them or recipies that are kid proof?

They seem to really like raw desserts, but who doesn't?


  • seaweedseaweed Raw Newbie

    Maybe always having fresh fruit and veggies out and available, so when they're hungry they can snack on those. Having less processed/cooked snack foods and whatnot in the house. Cutting up fruits and vegetables in appealing shapes, putting a bunch of colors together really looks nice as well. Having them help you chop, prepare raw foods is fun and encourages more healthful eating. Some snack ideas are raw nut/seed butters with fruit/veggies, guacamole, if you have a dehydrator maybe some simple crackers paired with a chunky salsa, yummy smoothies, sprouts go well with kids especially when you grow them at home and they are a part of the whole process...collard wraps, stuffed tomatoes, carrot/squash "noodles" with simple sauces...

    I find that the less you try to over-process (too much dehydrating, too high in fat/condiments) with the purpose of re-creating SAD recipes, the more appealing the idea is. Fresh, vibrant food!

    Also, it's important to be positive. Don't make them feel bad about wanting cooked food, or be super strict about their raw food intake. Talk about the benefits, engage them!

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    Shazzie just came out with a book about raw for kids based on bringing her daughter up this way. You can check it out on her website. It looks like it has lots of recipes and nutrition info in it.

    Maybe Raw Kid Chef would like to comment, he/she is 12 and writes great posts on this site.

  • I'm in the same boat. I just went raw because of health problems (suddenly can't digest cooked food without a lot of pain and nausea). I've been raw in the past and have no doubt that it's the best way to eat. I would love for my family to go raw with me.

    I'm not going to force my kids to go 100% raw right off the bat. But I am trying to get them as raw as possible. So I'm starting by making some raw dishes and letting them help me. My son helped me make granola before going to school. I told him it'll be done dehydrating when he gets home. He's all excited about trying it (we both tasted it before putting it in the dehydrator. soooooo goooood!). This is the first dish we made together. I'm looking for others he might be interested in.

    My son is 8 and my daughter will be 4 next month. She's a bit easier as she loves veggies and fruit. They're the only snacks I have in the house. So they sort of are very raw right now.

    My advice is to start slow. Experiment with different dishes. (The granola I made was from this site. It's called Cinnamon Granola I think).. I feel that for us at least my children might be almost totally raw in a year if I do this right.



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