Raw Cocoa?

Hi I wanted to buy some cocoa but when I got to whole foods I didn’t know what to buy or if all of their cocoa wouldn’t qualify. There are so many great recipes on this site with cocoa I was wondering is there a particular brand I should be looking for or is this a product that people use like spices where it’s not that important…



  • I think the best sources are online, for raw cacoa. Maybe get the raw cocoa nips and grind. Regular cocoa powder at the store even organic is roasted. I make a pie from Renee Underkoffer’s book that is called choconot pie it is amazing, I ate half the pie in one sitting the first time, but it calls for the real thing not raw, or you can sub raw carob, yuck, I say what the heck it’s so good and it’s just alittle cocoa powder like 1/4 cup for entire recipe. If i subbed raw Cocoa powder it would have to be drastically altered. That’s only my experiance, does any one out there have a good way to make raw cocoa taste like the real thing?

  • raw_earthraw_earth Raw Newbie

    Unless the package specifically says it’s raw, it’s probably not. I think the cheapest source I’ve found is Amazon.com for both raw cacao nibs and powder. (Do a search for ‘cacao’ rather than ‘cocoa’ since cocoa tends not to be raw.) I wish they would start carrying it in the bulk sections of the health food stores already! There seems to be a pretty large demand for it.

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