Seeking jalapeno popper recipe

SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

Juliano's Raw and Rawvolution both serve delicious dehydrated jalapeno halves with parmesan(ish) topping...but I can't find a recipe online anywhere. Wouldn't you know I got a bag of jalapenos for a dollar today, and the dehydrator is on the way.

If anyone has seen a recipe, even one they haven't tried yet, I would be very very grateful.


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    Oh, those dehydrated jalapeno poppers sound divine! While I haven't come across a recipe that exactly replicates Juliano's Raw or Rawvolution, I'd recommend trying a basic dehydrated jalapeno recipe, and then sprinkle with a nutritional yeast, cashew, and garlic powder mix for that parmesan(ish) taste. Ensure the jalapenos are cleaned and halved, remove seeds for less heat. Spread the 'parmesan' on top before dehydrating. Hope this helps, and happy dehydrating!

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