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I just recently discovered GeneWize, a personalized health, beauty, & wellness products company that provides individually formulated, primarily food-based, organic products based on my own DNA!

Has anybody else heard of this company and its products, and, if so, what did you think? I'm still waiting for my product.

I took a chance and went ahead and signed up to market for them, without trying the product first. Go to to learn more, and check out the video at

I'd love to get your thoughts and opinions!


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    I viewed both sites and believe this could be beneficial to the SAD eater...

    Having said that, I believe, for the high raw vegan, it would be a money maker for the company with little benefit to the those of us who are also organic... IMHO

    I am no expert on any of this type of information just my 2cents... smile

  • vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, flavanoids, etc were all designed to work together, in tandem. When you separate them, magnify them, process them and isolate them, you create something completely different from the original form, something the body either doesn't recognize, doesn't know what to do with, or something the body doesn't interpret correctly because there are missing pieces to the puzzle.

    Example: there was a study that smokers with a high intake of carotenoids were less likely to get cancer. Scientists therefore decided to isolate beta carotene, the carotenoid they beleived was most active, and do a formal test on patients who were smokers. These smokers actually started to have a HIGHER incidence of cancer than before taking the beta carotene, so much so the scientists discontinued the study!

    We know that beta carotene doesn't cause cancer, so why did this happen? Mainly because in the original survey results, those who had the highest intake of FOODS that contained beta carotene had the lowest incidence of cancer. However these same foods have other carotenoids as well, that work in tandem to create checks and balances in how they work, so that nothing gets out of whack. The isolated man made beta carotene helped stimulate cell growth, which under a test tube looks like a good idea, but unfortunately the beta carotene wasn't that discerning on which cells to stimulate. Other carotenoids might have filled that role, and worked to keep the cancer cells down while the beta carotene generated new and healthy cell growth.

    So the moral of the story is to either take mixed carotenoid supplements, as some doctors therefore included (do they never learn their lesson??) or to get your beta carotene from food. The last one is the better option because it works the way it is supposed to; who knows how those test tube vitamins will end up working in your body! Vitamins are a very unregulated industry!

    Did you know that most vitamis are produced from the leftovers from the petroleum industry? Seriously! They were like 'we have all this leftover can we make money off of it?' This creates very expensive urine, as your body cannot really recognize petroleum-derrived vitamins and minerals correctly.

    So try some superfoods, some chlorophyll, wheatgrass, acai, maca, etc for your vitamins! You'll be a lot better off int he long run!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    edamame said it best, but yeah. I think most people here think that if you eat and live right your body will heal itself and make itself shine from within, so no need from the help of any scientist.

  • Thanks for your input, edemame3. However, did you even check out what GeneWize does? Based on your comment, it doesn't seem like you did.

    The reason I say this is that GeneWize supplements are primarily food-based. If you look at the list of ingrediants, it's primarily different foods custom combined to optimize an individual's nutrition base upon their DNA.

    I certainly respect your stance to get nutrition from food rather than isolating chemicals that don't work as well separately, though. I agree completely!

  • it's not really food based unless it's....well, food!

    We can say anything is food based, so long as it is food we extracted it from. The beta carotene from the study I cited was food derrived.

    Truth is, if it was really capsulated dehydrated and powdered food, you'd have to take so much of it to get the neccesary nutrients it would really be most efficient over all to just eat the food. Either it's not really from a whole food matrix, OR you're not taking enough to mean anything, as in Juice Plus.

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