Strange thirst

I have been raw for 2 months now and lately (last 2 weeks I guess) I start experiencing really strange thirst.

I mean, it is not that I don't drink enough (I have always, always had my 2 L (~ 4 pints) of water a day + all other liquids), but now it feels that I can just not get enough of it!! I drink a liter even before my breakfast (which is a green smoothie, another 0.5-1L liquid), and then all throughout the day, sometimes it seems that it is up to 4-5L o water a day (plus juices, soups etc)!! And the strange thing is that I really feel for it, it is not that I am pushing myself or someting.. Before going raw, I was not never ever that thirsty.. Anyone has experience with this? Maybe it has something to do with transitioning and detoxing?

Someone will probably ask about my salt intake.. I practically don't use any salt anymore, have discovered how tasty the food can be on its own!

Thanks! :)


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    ohhhh, yeah. I cannot live without downing a liter before breakfast, which is a pain b/c I have the world's smallest bladder and class at 8 am sometimes for four hours.

    Trust me, everyone is making fun of the fact that I go to the bathroom so much in their minds. And I do not care.

    I think aviatrix has it when she says detox, but now you are also more in tune with your body. People who eat garbage all day can ignore their thirst for some reason. I have to remind my friends to drink water.

  • I have an odd salt taste in my mouth most of the time latley. Anyone got any ideas why that is?? I don't use salt and mainly juice.

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