Swollen lymph glands. & Chicago potluck (March 14th).

derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

Hi - I noticed swollen lymph glands on Monday morning. I visited my naturopath, she checked them out (physical), and asked questions ("feeling well", "how much sleep", "what are you eating", "face flushed", etc.) - of course, I was feeling great, just perturbed at this swelling - I disclosed to her that I had been slightly SAD on the weekend (eating cooked and refined on a couple of occasions).

Her conclusion is that I was experiencing a histamine reaction to the cooked. When you are on the SAD, this is apparently normal, you just don't notice the swelling. I was thinking that it is similar to "you are allergic to pollen, so let's immerse you in pollen until your response to pollen becomes your normal" - is that a fair analogy?

Of course, 2 days of being a good boy has disappeared the swelling... what a salient lesson (I remember it anytime I crave refined/processed).

Anyone experienced this before?

And - I am in Chicago next month - and I want to go to the potluck there.... is there anyone here from Chicago - going to the RF potluck at the Ashram on the 14th?

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