Best OVERALL green to juice?

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Hi there!

I am looking for factual info on what would be the best overall green to juice. With growing financial challenges, I am not able to purchase greens like I used to . I would like to commit to juice greens once a week (as opposed to everyday like I used to because I can't afford that anymore) and want to juice the best all around green. I do have hypothyroidism so I know that kale is not the best for me, even though it is soooo good for others.

Any factual info that you have and don't mind passing along, I would really appreciate it.



  • There's cabbage, that is pretty inexpensive, and it's high in vit c, and other great nutrients, there's beet leaves, lettuces of all kinds that are pretty inexpensive, collard greens, broccoli sprouts are great, and you can grow them yourself. Also remember to blend juices when possible with the rest of the plant to get the full effects.

  • you're supposed to rotate your greens, otherwise you will build up too many of certain components from each green. So, the best advice to you would be to go for a different green every week! That way you're well rounded!

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