David Wolfe Speaks in NY 3/7...FREE

Hi all! If you are interested in a free night with David Wolfe this Saturday night, he'll be speaking at the Hilton. He will be discussing the many benefits and even business opportuities invoked with superfoods! I am sure that he'll be really pumped as his new superfoods book is about to release. David's knowledge and energy is sure to inspire! You have to RSVP on www.DavidWolfeNY.com

Because it is by invitation only, you need to say I invited you. You can come with friends.


PS if you not in the area you can watch it live on www.DavidWolfeLive.com on Saturday night at 7pm :)))


  • Sorry...forgot to mention that registration starts at 6:30pm.

    It'll be a great night...lots of Elements for Life goodies to taste. Heads up! Get a taste of my personal favorite...raw, sun-kissed Inca Berries.

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